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Victoria Beckham shares photos of her and hubby David after he announced retirement

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Victoria Beckham posted photos of her together with her hubby David Beckham on the Twitter, with messages written, 'Thank you for all your lovely messages, we are so proud of you David x vb'. She posted after David's announcement that he will retired from football. David announced on his retirement, ‘Over the years, when I’ve seen players retire, when you ask them about it, they always say you’ll know when you’re ready and I think I know when I’m ready. I think I’m ready.' 'Obviously it’s a difficult decision because I still feel that I can play at the top level and still have done for the last six months.' Source

Victoria Beckham gave birth to a baby girl

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Free Image Hosting by FreeImageHosting.net Victoria Beckham gave birth to a baby girl on Sunday morning. This is her fourth child and her first daughter. She gave birth in Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles. Her baby weighed 7 lbs. 5 oz. Looks like we going to have another stylish girl, competing Tom Cruise's daughter. Source

Victoria Beckham maybe expecting a baby girl

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Victoria Beckham is currently pregnant and she maybe expecting a baby girl. She has already three sons. She went for scanning at the private Rivers Hospital in Hertfordshire, southern England. A friend of the pair told newspaper: "David and Victoria are over the moon. This will be their last child and to be told they are having a girl is the icing on the cake for the Beckham clan." "Victoria is 36 and David is thinking about life after retirement. For them, with a sister for their boys - who are growing up fast - this is the perfect family. All their dreams have come true. They couldn't have wished for more." Source

Victoria Beckham is pregnant

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Victoria Beckham is pregnant and this will be her fourth child together with her husband David Beckham. They have married for 11 years. Victoria's spokeswoman Jo Milloy confirms to UsMagazine.com, "David and Victoria Beckham are delighted to confirm they are expecting their fourth child in the summer. [Sons] Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz are very excited about the arrival of their new brother or sister." Source

Victoria Beckham has new line of jeans

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Victoria Beckham has launched her new jeans collection in Madrid. I can see that she is such an enterprising lady. She was a singer, now a mother and her own clothes collection. Hmnnn, what else in the future. Source

Victoria Bekham shop less but eat more

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Victoria Beckham picture
Victoria Beckham Victoria Beckham is having a healthier life nowadays.She exercises daily by running four miles. With all these exercises, it has improve her appetite. She told the Sun "I'm eating more. I think you do eat more when you're working out. And you want to eat healthily so it's good all round." Apart from exercises, she keeps herself busy in her career in fashion. Hence, she seldom shops nowadays. She said "I could do what have many people do in (LA) – sit and have lunch and go shopping - but I'd be so bored. I don't even go shopping". Source