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Shannen Doherty call 911 to help possibly suicidal fan on Twitter

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Shannen Doherty called 911 because one Twitter fan threatens to commit suicide. She said, "This is going to sound incredibly strange. My name is Shannon Doherty, and I'm an actress and there is a girl who is threatening to shoot herself." "I'm completely untrained to deal with somebody threatening suicide," Doherty admits during the call. "It's been an undoing thing and my security guys told me to block her, because she's aggressive and does very erratic things . . . I felt bad for her to be honest." The Shannen Says star then follows the dispatcher's instruction, tweeting the fan to get her home address. "I would love it if you guys would just call back and let me know." Source

Shannen Doherty is not pregnant

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Shannen Doherty's stomach has become bigger. She is not pregnant. Blame it on hamburger. She said, "I'm a size 2, not sporting a baby bump. That's simply the hamburger I wolfed down 2 minutes prior." Source

Shannen Doherty tie knot

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Shannen Doherty married Kurt Iswarienko on Saturday at a friend's stunning private estate in Malibu, Calif. Her rep confirms exclusively to Us Weekly. There were 170 guests. Source

Shannen Doherty wants to clarify untrue rumors

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Shannen Doherty Shannen Doherty wants to clarify some rumors about her that were not true, one of them was that she was in Alcoholics Anonymous. She told Radar "They said that I was so, quote, 'scared of the drink' that I was sleeping on my sponsor’s couch. Now, I’ve never been in AA. I accompanied my husband to AA meetings—actually, I forced him to go to one—but I’ve never actually gone for myself." Then she added "Sometimes you can find some truth, a little nugget somewhere, but not one thing about this was true." Source

Shannen Doherty denies having fight with Jennie Garth

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Shannen Doherty Shannen Doherty denies having any fight with Jennie Garth, her co-star in Beverly Hills, 90210 back then. This was claimed by Tori Spelling. She told US Magazine "We never did. I think I would remember Jennie's fist connecting with a part of my body or a part of my face." Regarding about Spelling's account in her autobiography "It just goes to show you how people will lie." Source

Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth at the 90210 Premiere

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Shannen Doherty A party was held to celebrate the 90210 premiere, which will be expecting to arrive on Sept. 2. Joining the party was no other than its cast Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth as well as others. The party was held at a beachside bash, on Malibu shore on Saturday to celebrate the show. When Garth was quoted by TV Guide pertaining the reunion, she said wasn't "as bad as I thought it would be. We’re both grown women, both professionals. Once we were working, it felt like a good fit.” Source