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Leonardo DiCaprio wants to tie down and have kids

Leonardo Dicaprio picture
Leonardo Dicaprio

In the new issue of Parade, Leonardo DiCaprio revealed that he wants to tie knot and lead a normal life. Perhaps with Bar Rafaeli? He and Rafaeli are dating again. He said:

“What I definitely feel a need for is to make my life about more than just my career. Just last night I was thinking to myself how little of my life has been lived normally and not spent on some far-off movie location,” the actor, 33, says. “I want to get married and have children. In saying that, I realize I am contradicting everything I’ve said before. I absolutely believe in marriage.”

DiCaprio — who appears to be back on with model Bar Refaeli — adds, “I hope I never get cynical. I think you need youthful energy, excitement, and optimism in life.

“There is a lot I want to do, and the more cynical you become, the more you sit on your butt and do nothing,” he says. “The one thing that I would love is to never become cynical about the things I think are really important, like family, like the environment.”

Then he added, “What I want is to be known as someone who stood for something.”