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Leonardo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton have split

By mylene|November 3, 2012|Celebrity|0 comments

Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend Erin Heatherton have split. They have been dating for ten months. A source tells Us Weekly, “They split a few weeks ago. There’s no bad blood -– they still care about each other a lot.” Source

Leonardo DiCaprio wants to tie down and have kids

By mylene|October 1, 2008|Celebrity|0 comments

Leonardo Dicaprio In the new issue of Parade, Leonardo DiCaprio revealed that he wants to tie knot and lead a normal life. Perhaps with Bar Rafaeli? He and Rafaeli are dating again. He said: “What I definitely feel a need for is to make my life about more than just my career. Just last night I was thinking to myself […]