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Kate Moss tied knot

By mylene|July 2, 2011|Celebrity|0 comments

Free Image Hosting by FreeImageHosting.net Kate Moss tied the knot with her fiancé Jamie Hince. The wedding took place at St. Peter's Church in Southrop. She has 12 bridesmaids on her wedding. Source

Lily Allen didn’t invite Kate Moss for her wedding

By mylene|April 17, 2011|Celebrity|0 comments

They used to be good friends. But things have changed. Lily Allen didn't invite Kate Moss to her wedding which will be on 11th June. Lily will tie knot to her boyfriend in Gloucestershire. She has invited almost 300 friends and family. One friend said, "Lily and Kate are more like “frenemies” these days. Lily was upset when she heard that Kate was throwing her own hen night on the same weekend as hers. ‘Lily then brought hers forward to May, but the whole thing has left a bitter taste.’ Source

Kate Moss will design her own wedding dress

By mylene|February 20, 2011|Celebrity|0 comments

Kate Moss will probably design her own wedding dress. Looks like people will not be able to see her wearing branded dress such as Versace, Gucci or Vera Wang. She is close friend with designer Vivienne Westwood. Vivienne Westwood was quoted whether she will be asked to design Kate's wedding dress, she replied ‘No, I think she’s designing it herself. She has done her own fashion range and she knows about clothes. She knows what she is doing, she doesn’t need my help.' ‘Kate is a mate. I’ve known her for years and I’m really happy for her.’ Source