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Guy Ritchie builds tunnel from his house to a private car park

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guy Guy Ritchie's time is valuable. He does not want to spend a lot of time going to his car. Thus, he make a tunnel, to link his house to a car park and this is not cheap to build such thing. A source said,'The walk only takes five minutes as it is, but Guy clearly values his time. Plus it means he can get there without being recognised.' 'To complete the work he’s had to ask the college to sacrifice a room.' 'Students have been warned there may be some disruption due to drilling.' Source

Guy Ritchie dating with Jemima Khan?

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Guy Ritchie Madonna's former husband, Guy Ritchie was spotted together with millionaire heiress Jemima Khan, not long after his divorce. Could this be Ritchie's new partner? They went to a London dinner party at the home public-relations honcho Matthew Freud and his wife, Elisabeth Murdoch, daughter of media mogul Rupert Murdoch according to London's Telegraph's reports. Source

Guy Ritchie don’t understand his wife’s religion

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Madonna Guy Ritchie doesn't understand his wife, Maddona's religion. He revealed this in a interview. He told Extra at the Toronto International Film Festival last month "I don't really understand kabbalah as a religion." Then he added "I don't think it's a religion as far as I'm aware." But for Madonna, this faith, known as Jewish mystical religion has make her a better person. She said "Kabbalah helped me stand up and take responsibility for everything to do with me". After years of marriage, they decided to split. Too bad, they look good together. I guess because the tense from Madonna's adoption and her religion that affected their marriage. < a href="http://www.usmagazine.com/news/guy-ritchie-i-dont-really-understand-kabbalah-a-religion">Source

Madonna and Guy Ritchie go their separate ways

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Madonna According to British newspapers report, Madonna and Guy Ritchie will be divorcing soon after 8 years of marriage. A source told The Sun that both of them "can't bear to live with the pretense any longer.It's very sad. They were a great couple and brilliant parents. They just couldn't live together. "Despite huge attempts to patch things up, they both knew deep down that divorce was in the cards. It wasn't a matter of 'if' but 'when.' They tried hard over the past few months, but their fighting was getting out of control. "The final straw came before Madonna started her US tour." Well, it is pity that they have decided to divorce. They look great together. Nowadays, marriage and divorce comes easily. What happen to Fairy Tales where couples married happily ever after. Source