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Drew Barrymore does not want her kid to follow her footsteps

By mylene|February 1, 2013|Celebrity|0 comments

Drew Barrymore famous since she was a child but she end up in rehab at the age of 13. She does not want her four-month-old daughter Olive follow her famous footsteps. She told this in her interview in Harper's Bazaar, 'I had such an exposed childhood.' 'I appreciate my journey, but I don't want that for my kid. Not any of it. It has nothing to do with whether I liked my childhood. I really did. But as a parent, that isn't the childhood that I'd provide.' Source

Drew Barrymore gave birth to a baby girl

By mylene|October 2, 2012|Celebrity|0 comments

Drew Barrymore gave birth to a baby girl on Sept. 26 in Los Angeles according to her rep. This is her first child together with her husband, Will Kopelman. They says in a statement, "We are proud to announce the birth of our daughter, Olive Barrymore Kopelman, born September 26th, healthy, happy and welcomed by the whole family." "Thank you for respecting our privacy during this most special time in our lives." Source

Is Drew Barrymore pregnant?

By mylene|February 22, 2012|Celebrity|0 comments

Is Drew Barrymore pregnant? What makes people think she is pregnant? Well, she was spotted leaving a doctor's office with a sonogram in-hand over the weekend. The photo was posted on TMZ.com. One source told PEOPLE last month "Drew is so motherly. Will would like to be a dad. Family is so important to him." Source

Drew Barrymore has new beau

By mylene|March 23, 2011|Celebrity|0 comments

Drew Barrymore has new beau. He is Will Kopelman and he is the son of former head of the American arm of Chanel, Arie Kopelman, They were spotted kissing at Joan’s On Third in West Hollywood. Source