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Christina Ricci gave birth to a baby boy

By mylene|August 9, 2014|Celebrity|0 comments

ricci Christina Ricci gave birth to a baby boy. This is her first child together with her husband James Heerdegen. The couple are very happy upon the arrival of their child. A friend told Us, "They are thrilled and ready for a change of pace." Source

Christina Ricci has a new beau

By mylene|February 3, 2012|Celebrity|0 comments

Christina Ricci has a new love. He is James Heerdegen. This was reported by Us Weekly. They met on the set of the Ricci's ABC series Pan Am. One source said, "They lounged on the deck of their room a lot. Christina was really active and did a lot of swimming." Source

Christina Ricci’s engagement is cancelled

By mylene|June 4, 2009|Celebrity|0 comments

Christina Ricci's engagement with her boyfriend Owen Benjamin has been cancelled according to sources for for PEOPLE. One source said "Owen had a birthday party this past Sunday, and everything seemed fine. Sometime after, they got into a fight and decided to reevaluate things. [Then] the engagement was off". Eventhough engagement has been cancelled, they still remain friends and still close. Source