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Yoga Pants Parade Celebrates The Right To Look And Feel Fabulous (Mon, 24 Oct 2016 00:00:54 -0400)

Don’t mess with women’s yoga pants. 

An angry letter to a Rhode Island newspaper demanding that older women stop wearing yoga pants prompted hundreds to participate in a parade while clad in the popular workout apparel.

On Sunday, the comfortably attired protesters marched right past the home of Alan Sorrentino, who last week complained about yoga pants in the Barrington Times, saying that women over 20 shouldn’t wear them.

“(O)n mature, adult women there is something bizarre and disturbing about the appearance they make in public,” he wrote. “Maybe it’s the unforgiving perspective they provide, inappropriate for general consumption, TMI, or the spector [sic] of someone coping poorly with their weight or advancing age that makes yoga pants so weird in public.”

Needless to say, local women weren’t happy about being told what they should or shouldn’t wear and arranged Sunday’s Yoga Pants Parade as both a protest and a celebration.  When they reached Sorrentino’s home, he had a message for the marchers: 

Other neighbors also had messages for the Yoga Pants Parade, like this home: 

The marchers said they weren’t engaging in a “hateful protest” against Sorrentino but rather “celebrating our bodies and our right to cover them however we see fit.” Writing on Facebook, the organizers said: 

“And while yoga pants seem to be a silly thing to fight for, they are representative of something much bigger ― Misogyny and the history of men policing women’s bodies.”

Here are some more images from the #YogaPantsParade

a great day to be a woman #yogapantsparade

A photo posted by Abby Voigt (@abbyvoigt_) on

From the Boston Globe: A letter to the editor by a man in Barrington, R.I., that criticized women over the age of 20 wearing yoga pants spurred a response, which included a parade of hundreds of women, and men, in yoga pants past the man’s house. Our ridiculous leggings are making their way all over the world! Long live the fart joke! Available at #leggings #yogapants #feminist #feministyogapants #boston #bostonglobe #yogapantsparade

A photo posted by The Little Volcano Yoga (@thelittlevolcano) on

Took a break from cooking to walk in solidarity with @bethdog and a few hundred other women and supportive men to assert our rights to dress as we please and not be controlled. #yogapantsparade #peacefulpantsparty #womensrights #iwearwhatiwant

A photo posted by Jennifer Costanza ( on

The trolls of twitter are already having a ball with this photo. Let me explain: it was an intentional response to the organizers asking " positive vibes only". I thought that was unrealistic. The #yogapantsparade wasn't about yoga but the different disciplines of yoga recognize that anger exists. I can transform anger through yoga practice. Or I can transform it by walking in the sun with a great group of people who definitely had a positive, but fed up vibe.

A photo posted by Susan Walker (@foundbysusan) on

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Michaela Angela Davis: 'It's Time For A Badass Woman' To Be President (Fri, 21 Oct 2016 15:43:51 -0400)

Michaela Angela Davis from Filmmakers for Hillary on Vimeo.

Michaela Angela Davis recently praised Hillary Clinton in a new video where she said, “It’s time for a badass woman to be the White House.”

The popular commentator and Hillary Clinton supporter applauded first lady Michelle Obama for her work in the White House and listed the Democratic presidential candidate’s numerous accolades in a video, which was published on Vimes Tuesday, all while unapologetically getting her hair braided. 

“[Hillary Clinton] is the first first lady to be elected a public official, the secretary of state when they got Bin Laden’s ass, the first first lady to walk in the gay pride parade, the first American politician to win a grammy,” she said in the video, which was produced by a coalition of creatives committed to electing Clinton. 

But if you didn’t think any of those accomplishments fit the bill for why Clinton should be elected to the presidency, Davis laid out one last indisputable fact: 

“This is the first American woman to be at the top of the ticket of a major party,” Davis said. “So vote, bring your auntie, bring your mama, bring peanut, bring peanut’s girlfriend. Let’s get a badass woman in the White House!”

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TEFAF New York: What To Take Into Consideration When Investing In High Jewelry (Fri, 21 Oct 2016 15:37:07 -0400)

TEFAF, Europe's finest fair showcasing the most prestigious dealers of fine art, design, furniture and high jewelry, is crossing the Atlantic for the first time. During five consecutive days, starting October 22nd, the top world collectors, connoisseurs, and dealers will meet at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City.

This will be TEFAF's debut outside Europe and will feature 94 dealers showcasing museum quality items from antiquity through the 20th century.


In a conversation with one of the exhibitors, Olivier Reza, from Reza, the famous Parisian jewelry house, I had the opportunity to ask about TEFAF and what makes the items that he is about to show in New York unique. Reza said,

We took a lot of risks with the pieces we are showing at TEFAF New York. It's our first show in the U.S. and we wanted to have things that you can't see anywhere else. We are artisans and our production is small. The New York clientèle is very sophisticated and we want to surprise them.

The world of high-end jewelry is relatively small, and many of the buyers that can afford these pieces buy them just for the pleasure of owning them or for pure aesthetic considerations, but others consider them an investment. I asked Reza what elements should be taken into consideration when buying his pieces as pure investments.

According to Reza, to achieve a standard of being an investment, a work ideally needs to follow three criteria: "First, the use of natural stones of excellent quality. A single gemstone suffice for a jewel to be an investment, but even in works including multiple smaller stones and a complex design, the final work transcends the stones."

"Second, an extraordinary design that surprises you and causes an emotion. The stronger the emotion the more likely the piece will be timeless. This approach is shared when buying any works of art," continues Reza, explaining that while gemstones themselves carry a certain investment value, design and aesthetic combination of different gems provides as well an artistic and emotional value.

"Third, the piece needs to represent the mastering of the jeweler and embellish the person wearing it. Manufacture and functionality can't be ignored. People want to wear the pieces and as a jeweler you want them to wear it."

I finally asked Olivier Reza what advice would he give to a young and inexperienced buyer and what's he or she should be looking for beyond the pleasure of owning a valuable jewel. He said, "The same advice I would give any buyer of collectibles. Go for the best. Figure out what is the best in the category and only buy that. It will hold its value."


Images courtesy of Alexander Reza

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This Halloween, Don’t Be THAT Person With The Frighteningly Offensive Costume (Fri, 21 Oct 2016 15:31:11 -0400)

Here’s your annual reminder that it’s not festive to dress up like a privileged jerk this year for Halloween. 

I mean, we’re already off to a pretty great start in general, society. had to take down a Tranny Granny costume. Disney removed a “Moana” costume that appeared to promote “brownface.” And one retailer pulled a costume making light of Kim Kardashian being a victim of armed robbery.

Here’s a handy guide on how not to reduce someone’s culture to shiny pleather; how not to hyper-sexualize an entire gender; and how not to make light of serious issues.

Dangerous Stereotypes About Terrorism Aren’t Really A Laughing Matter

Muslim communities in America have to deal with an unjust level of Islamophobia as it is. Parading around on Halloween as a “bomber” in traditional Middle Eastern clothes just further perpetuates harmful stereotypesAlso, terrorism is no laughing matter: Groups like Boko Haram and the Islamic State take the lives of thousands of people each year.


Mocking Undocumented Immigrants Is Tasteless And Insensitive

The election rhetoric around immigration has gotten intense, to say the least. So particularly in this environment, wearing a costume that boasts a derogatory term for undocumented immigrants, “illegal alien” ― and that actually depicts someone with a green card as an extraterrestrial ― is not only dangerous but it’s also tasteless. 

Some immigrants are fleeing serious violence in their home countries, while others are simply seeking a better life for their families. All of them deserve our respect as fellow humans.


Try Not To Hypersexualize Women With Every. Single. Costume.

It’s hard to ruin anything related to “Hamilton,” but somehow Halloween did.

Costume retailers, please stop making women’s costumes the “sexy” version of everything. We’ve seen sexy sharks, sexy burritos and, of course, a sexy Ken Bone. It’s hard to believe, but a regular costume, like a man gets to wear, would be fine with women, too. 


Casually ‘Painting’ On A Race For A Night Upholds Systemic Racism And Is Beyond Privileged 

To the 52 percent of white Americans who think it’s okay to dress in blackface for Halloween, here’s some advice for you: Just don’t. 

Blackface has a long and racist history that, by painting your face black on Halloween, you are actively choosing to ignore, and in fact are perpetuating.

“For so many black Americans, blackface carries unavoidable associations of hate, violence and degradation, and if you choose to wear it, you’re basically broadcasting the message ‘I don’t give a shit about black people’s feelings,’” writes HuffPost reporter Julia Craven

Plus, the ability to casually wipe off a skin color at the end of the night ― without having to live through the accompanying real-life discrimination ― is classic privilege. 

“Once you’re done masquerading as a black person — employing the same techniques used not just to belittle the black experience, but to prop up the systemic subjugation of the entire race — you get to remove the color from your skin,” Craven adds. “Black people do not have this luxury. We cannot wash our blackness from ourselves, nor can we eliminate all the stereotypes and all the forms of oppression that come with it.”


Most Asians Don’t Like To Be Depicted As Exotic And Servantile 

The depiction of geishas comes loaded with a complicated and dehumanizing history. So the act of wearing the traditional Japanese garb as a costume can make light of ― and uphold ― stereotypes related to oppression rooted in racism and sexism.

Blogger Nina Jacinto wrote about the depiction of geishas, stating:

“It’s a troubling attempt to sidestep authentic representation and humanization of a culture and opt instead for racialized fetishizing against Asian women.”


Dressing Up As Another Culture Isn’t Appreciation, It’s Appropriation

From the Red Skins team mascot to Halloween’s surge of Pocahotties costumes, American pop culture regularly takes from Native culture without permission, and uses it (or misuses it, rather) for its own entertainment.

The fact that someone can don another person’s reality for an evening, whether their culture, race or religion, and then toss it aside at their convenience, is the epitome of privilege.  

As HuffPost blogger Nadia Dawisha put it: “This is why it is so dangerous to ‘dress up’ as another culture, because a white person who dresses up as a ‘Mexican’ in Arizona doesn’t have to worry that his citizenship will be questioned. He can go to a ‘ghetto’ party and wear his hoodie up in an effort to look more ‘hood’ without fearing that he will get killed like Trayvon Martin.”


But Everyone, DO Wear This

For those of you still wondering what to wear, take a note from the funny (pun-y?) cactus above. Or you can check out these badass looks for ladies, these family-friendly get-ups, or these creative costumes for two.

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Dad Transforms 3-Year-Old Daughter Into The Fiercest Wonder Woman Ever (Fri, 21 Oct 2016 14:21:22 -0400)

This 3-year-old girl is taking fierceness to the next level with her Halloween costume. 

Photographer and father of two Josh Rossi transformed his daughter Nellee into Wonder Woman for an epic Halloween photo shoot.

Rossi told The Huffington Post he usually does a fun photo shoot for Nellee’s birthday in June, but this year, he was too swamped with work to put it together. Feeling guilty about skipping the tradition, the Utah dad decided to “go all out” for Halloween. 

“I was wracking my brain to figure out who would best represent my daughter, and I finally came up with Wonder Woman,” Rossi said, noting he drew inspiration specifically from the ‘Batman v Superman’ movie.

“The end part shows Wonder Woman kicking butt and almost outdoing Superman!” he said. “I got really excited and became obsessed with this character.”

Collaborating with a costume designer friend at McGrew Studios in Salt Lake City, Rossi spent about a month creating a toddler-sized replica of Wonder Woman’s costume. 

“We walked through all of the little details of the actual costume and used realistic materials to bring it to life,” Rossi said.

All in all, the costume and props cost about $1,500. When Nellee saw the finished product, she was an instant fan.

“She was so obsessed she wouldn’t take it off,” Rossi said. “Even just now I was trying to put her down for a nap and she screamed because she had to sleep instead of put the costume on and act.”

Nellee also loved bringing out her Wonder Woman fierceness for the big photo shoot. Though they worked under some time constraints (namely, nap time), her parents and photo shoot team gave the tiny superhero an exciting adventure.

With the help of some Photoshop magic, Wonder Woman came to life, powers and all. 

Rossi said he hopes his daughter’s photo shoot can be empowering for viewers.

“After seeing the movie ‘Batman v Superman,’ I was so impressed by Wonder Woman and how powerful she was!” he said. “Women are amazing and do so much that I wanted to just add fuel to the Wonder Woman fire and include my little daughter in this.”

Added Rossi, “I want people to not only feel inspired by these images but feel that anything is possible.”

Keep scrolling for more fun photos and behind-the-scenes glimpses into Nellee’s adventures as Wonder Woman.

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Amal Clooney Is Just Too Groovy In Flashy Embroidered Jeans (Fri, 21 Oct 2016 12:29:00 -0400)

This look is totally far out, man.

Amal Clooney visited her husband George on set in Los Angeles on Thursday looking like a total ‘70s babe in a ribbed sweater, fringed purse and a pair of Alice and Olivia jeans of our wildest embroidered dreams.

The exact pair that Clooney wore appears to no longer be available on the brand’s site, but Alice and Olivia does have a skirt in the same pattern on sale for $264, and a similar, albeit less colorful pair of jeans, on sale for $418.80.

If the thought of spending close to $500 on a pair of jeans ain’t your bag, Topshop has a pretty adorable pair right now that retails for a much groovier $85.

Sick of our ‘70s lingo? We’ll see ourselves out through the beaded curtain now to spend the rest of the day dreaming of these pants. 

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Dude Tells Women To Stop Wearing Yoga Pants, Gets Rightfully Trolled (Fri, 21 Oct 2016 12:26:01 -0400)

It’s been an interesting week for women. First, Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman,” and the insult became a viral call for solidarity. And now women in Rhode Island are taking a stand against a man who says women over the age of 20 shouldn’t wear yoga pants in public.

In a strongly-worded letter to the editor this week in the Barrington Times, local resident Alan Sorrentino declared yoga pants to be the “absolute worst thing to ever happen” in women’s fashion. 

Like the mini-skirt, yoga pants can be adorable on children and young women who have the benefit of nature’s blessing of youth. However, on mature, adult women there is something bizarre and disturbing about the appearance they make in public. Maybe it’s the unforgiving perspective they provide, inappropriate for general consumption, TMI, or the spector of someone coping poorly with their weight or advancing age that makes yoga pants so weird in public. 

Making matters worse, the opinionated Rhode Island resident went so far as to say the tight-fitting pants are especially inappropriate outside the yoga studio on “mature older women,” likening it to “wearing a Speedo to the supermarket.”

“They do nothing to compliment a women over 20 years old,” Sorrentino wrote. “In fact, the look is bad. Do yourself a favor, grow up and stop wearing them in public.”

But it’s Sorrentino who needs to do the growing up, many readers feel. Since the letter was published, several readers have responded with their own letters to the editor saying no one has the right to tell women what they can and can’t wear. (Sorrentino declared slacks or jeans a more favorable choice.)

Some have called the letter “sexist” and “misogynistic,” while others have criticized the paper for publishing it at all.

Matt Hayes, publisher of East Bay Newspapers, told The Huffington Post that the newspaper’s standard is not to judge the opinion of letters to the editor, as long as the letter is not “attacking someone or making misstatements.” “We publish opinions whether we agree with them or not,” Hayes said.

“In this case, Mr. Sorrentino is not attacking any individual nor specific group. It’s safe to assume that his comments target a large portion of America’s female population, and that group obviously has ample firepower to respond to Mr. Sorrentino and his opinions,” reads a comment from the newspaper on their Facebook page. 

Hayes says they haven’t heard from Sorrentino amid all the backlash, but would be open to letting him respond to the criticism itself, rather than re-iterating his stance. 

As for women of the area, they’re making their voices heard loud and clear. A “Yoga Pants Parade” has been organized on Facebook for this Sunday afternoon to “show dear old Al, we can wear whatever the hell we want.” Around 200 people are planning to attend, to date. The Barrington Times is planning to cover the parade.

“Long gone is the time when a man can dictate what a woman can or cannot wear,” Sharon Wollschlager wrote. 

Amen to that. 

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Rachel McAdams Wrapped Herself In A Giant Bow Like The Gift She Is (Fri, 21 Oct 2016 10:54:51 -0400)

Rachel McAdams is a gift to movie-loving humanity whose stellar acting chops are only matched by her red carpet prowess. Now, she’s finally dressing like one. 

Need proof? Check her out at the premiere of “Doctor Strange” in Los Angeles Thursday night. She’s a sight to behold in a strapless fitted Versace gown, adorned with what we’ll call a gigantic designer bow. 

She looks like an actual present that has been wrapped up in luxury and bestowed upon the world.

Also notable: her flawless-looking skin and perfect pink lip.

Work. It. Girl. 

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Succulent Manicures Take 'Green Thumb' To A Whole Other Level (Fri, 21 Oct 2016 09:39:40 -0400)

The growing popularity of succulents likely hasn’t been lost on you. Succulents are sprouting up in terrariums, wedding bouquets ― even jewelry. The low-maintenance plant is ubiquitous in hip households and cool girl Instagram shots.

But if you’ve grown weary of the succulent trend, we’ve discovered a new use for these plants that will reinvigorate your love.

Australian artist Roz Borg is a talented creator of succulent terrariums and jewelry. But lately, she’s turned her talents toward creating living nail art.   

A photo posted by Roz Borg (@arozona) on

“I had been making real succulent jewelry and wanted to use the same application on something I had never seen baby succulents used on before,” Borg told The Huffington Post. “I Googled it and didn’t get any hits on anything, so I went for it.”

To create the look, Borg applies baby succulents to a false nail with Oasis glue, a floral adhesive. Once dry, Borg uses nail glue to attach the false nail to her real nail. The time-intensive process takes about an hour per hand, but the results are jaw-dropping.

A photo posted by Roz Borg (@arozona) on

“People are stunned when they realize it’s real live plants, not 3D sculpting,” Borg said. “Some people are grossed out, but most love it!”

If you’re looking for a durable manicure, succulent nail art is probably not the trend for you. The look is “definitely not practical,” according to Borg. But the nail art does have a natural upside.

“The oasis glue eventually releases and I can plant the baby succulents and they can grow happily,” Borg said. “It’s definitely a temporary green thumb.”

A photo posted by Roz Borg (@arozona) on

For more mind-blowing succulent art, head over to Roz Borg’s Instagram account and Facebook page.

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These Are Photos Of Jessica Chastain Looking Fierce In 'Miss Sloane' (Fri, 21 Oct 2016 09:02:01 -0400)

We’ll take one Jessica Chastain with a side of unflagging power, please.

In the new political thriller “Miss Sloane,” Chastain plays a dogged gun-control lobbyist whose personal life isn’t as tidy as her professional stamina. Imagine her characters from “Zero Dark Thirty,” “A Most Violent Year” and “The Martian” all tossed into one hodgepodge. That means we see Chastain in a lot of power suits, which alone is worth the admission price.

Ahead of the John Madden-directed movie’s Dec. 9 release, The Huffington Post has a series of exclusive photos that demonstrate the power of Chastain’s wardrobe. You try arguing with Miss Sloane! These gun advocates don’t know what’s about to hit them.

And for good measure, here’s Alison Pill looking powerful.

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Drop Everything: Hillary Clinton Wore Something Other Than A Pantsuit (Thu, 20 Oct 2016 20:50:17 -0400)

Hillary Clinton, “nasty woman” and pantsuit enthusiast, crushed Wednesday night’s debate. One day later, she’s crushing the fashion game, too ― and there’s no debate about it.

Clinton, whose love of pantsuits has been both beloved and playfully mocked, arrived at the Alfred E. Smith charity dinner in New York City Thursday wearing not her usual uniform but instead, what appears to be a bold, hot pink coat dress. 

Pix11 reporter Dan Mannarino was quick to point out the “breaking news” on Twitter:

The dinner, which an election year tradition, customarily includes more light-hearted speeches from the candidates that poke fun of their opponents and themselves. 

We didn’t realize it would also be an opportunity to swoon over Hillary’s on point, totally unexpected style. Is that ― dare we say ― a silver pump? 

Always keeping us on our toes, Hillz. 

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2 Steps To Avoid Makeup Color Choices Washing You Out (Thu, 20 Oct 2016 17:05:35 -0400)

When you go shopping for new makeup, how do you decide on which colors to choose? It is quite common to see makeup on a celebrity, someone around us or in pictures on the Internet and want to go shopping for similar colors. However, there is a major step missing in these scenarios and that is seeking out makeup colors that are optimal for you.

If you choose makeup colors that are not in harmony with your coloring, you could be making yourself look dull, washed out, older and even magnify skin imperfections.

Here Are Two Steps to Avoid Your Makeup Color Choices Washing You Out:

1) Understand whether you have a cool or a warm skin undertone: Knowing your skin undertone will help isolate makeup colors that are in better harmony with you. If you cannot have a color analysis completed with a professional, ask a cosmetician or beauty expert wherever you go makeup shopping if they can help determine your skin undertone.

2) Understand what value and intensity of colors work for you. Find out whether you suit lighter or darker colors (value) and softer or brighter colors (intensity). This can be revealed through a color analysis. You can also try out using color fabrics at home using the steps in the video in this blog.

Once you know the undertone, value and intensity of makeup colors that give off your best, your makeup shopping experience will be easy and efficient.

When you want to test out a makeup color at the store, here are some additional steps I recommend:

- If testing out a lip color: swab the tester on your fingertip as this best represents the coloring of your lips.

- For all makeup colors except lip colors: swatch the tester on the back of your hand.

- Ensure the color appearing on your fingertip or back of your hand aligns with the undertone, value and intensity of colors that give off your best. If you have had a color analysis, you usually will have a color reference of some sort to compare to.

By making color choices that match your coloring, you are allowing the world to see your best and sparkling self!

Carol Brailey is an Image Consultant and Color Analysis Professional based in Toronto, Canada. More of her blogs can be found at and

Carol's free mobile App "Shopping My Colors" is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

Additional Links:

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5 Things You Didn't Know About Chip And Joanna Gaines (Thu, 20 Oct 2016 16:58:43 -0400)

Are you ready to meet your “Fixer Uppers?” 

Though viewers may feel like they know Chip and Joanna Gaines (and their adorable family) through their hit HGTV show, “Fixer Upper,” the unofficial mayors of Waco, Texas, are spilling even more of their secrets. 

The two recently penned their first book, The Magnolia Story, which delves into Chip and Joanna’s childhood, their many business ventures, along with cute stories about their faith and their four kiddos. The Huffington Post chatted with the Gaines earlier this week during a tour stop for their new book.

Here are five things you may not know about Chip and Jo: 

1. The process of writing a book didn’t come easy for them. 

Chip: The hardest part for me was the spelling [both laugh]. That took me a while, and then grammar was a close second right after that. But other than those two, very difficult things, I think just putting it all together. Jo and I were recalling things from 10 to 15 years ago, so she would have one perspective and I would have another and we were kind of wrestling with exactly how to communicate certain issues or certain points. But honestly, we both loved the experience. I cannot believe how the experience of writing the book almost was a life changing experience in itself.  

2. If they could live outside of Waco, Texas, they would settle down in New York City or Playa del Carmen. 

Joanna: I would be right here in New York City. 

Chip: I love it. Mexico.

Joanna: Probably like Cancun [both laugh].

Chip: Aw no! Back in my day, there was a place called Playa del Carmen that was kinda like a miniature, baby sister to Cancun. It was really authentic and you could go there and really feel like you were off the grid. It’s gotten a bit touristy over the past decade, but if you can imagine that 10 years ago that would be my hot spot. 

3. They’re not that into beach vacations. 

Joanna: If I have vacation time, I wanna stay home. Traveling to me with a bigger family doesn’t ever feel like vacation. But I think you, Chip, what do you think? Skiing or beach? 

Chip: Not the beach, for sure not the beach. When I go to Mexico, I literally wear head-to-toe clothes like a normal person.

Joanna: He can’t wear sandals. 

Chip: ‘Cause my feet are too short and fat, so I’m constantly holding on to the little sandal thing in between my toes. And I can’t jog in flip-flops, not that I jog typically, but at least when I have the opportunity to jog. I love the mountains, love Mexico, either of those two would be an option. 

4. Their favorite artist to jam out to in the car is the one behind their show’s theme song.  

Joanna: Johnnyswim. Are you kidding me? 

Chip: You bet. They’re who we think we look like when we’re not looking in the mirror. 

Joanna: Then you’re with them and you’re like, “They are very cool.” 

Chip: “Oh shoot, we do not look like those two.” I mean, when you meet them, you’re like, “How did I think we were somewhat doppelgängers?” But I’m kind of a country western guy. 

Joanna: We like to listen to Waylon Jennings, The Highwaymen ...

Chip: You know who Jo loves? Cyndi Lauper. We love Cyndi Lauper. We just [get in the car] scream, roll the windows down, let our hair down and go bananas. 

Joanna: I think she believes you. [Editor’s note: I do indeed believe whatever Chip tells me, but also take it with a grain of salt]. 

5. Their kids don’t know who many celebrities are aside from Taylor Swift. 

Chip: My kids are all kind of geeked out, at least from the boys’ perspective, from an athlete standpoint. So we met a couple of Texas Rangers, that was really exciting. We met the big ol’ tight end for the Dallas Cowboys named Jason Witten and my boys were both really geeked out about that. Who are the girls interested in? You know who they love? Amanda (Amanda Sudano-Ramirez from Johnnyswim). 

Joanna: They do love Amanda. The kids are a little young, they don’t even get what [famous] means. There’s somebody ... Taylor Swift. 

Chip: If there’s anyway you could text her ... 

Joanna: That’s who my girls would wanna meet. 

Taylor, we hope you’re reading! 

Grab a copy of The Magnolia Story on bookshelves now. 

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity. 

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Is My Barber Robbing Me? (Thu, 20 Oct 2016 16:24:50 -0400)


As of late I've been feeling pretty robbed by my barber, simply because all he does is tax. Treats me to something I didn't ask for, and then tries to charge me for it. I'm at a quandary here, how do you feel entitled to charge someone for something they didn't ask for? His response "I need money" right so do I, and everyone else who isn't apart of the 1 percent. This is a case of greed. I'm already told by friends that I pay too much for a haircut being that it's $20 a cut and when I first moved to NYC it was $17 what's going on here? Forgive me for sounding frugal, but I really don't have enough hair to be paying this much for a cut that doesn't come with anything magnificent. My hair is a close to my head as my eyelashes are to my eyelids. Am I out of my comfort zone here? I've always paid $15 at most for a haircut, even as an adult. Not to mention I was extremely spoiled in college as one of my friends would cut my hair for $7 and I always looked amazing afterwards. Perhaps this is why I'm complaining because that blessing was taken away from me once I graduated from college. Yes I know living in New York City isn't exactly the cheapest life in the world, and of course everything is higher here, but at what cost? I think as a guy with short hair, that's the last thing I want to spend a ton of money on. I visit the barber weekly which means 4 times a month at $20 a cut "4 x 20 = $80"; clearly I'm paying a bill here. Am I paranoid? I wouldn't feel like this if my friends weren't paying significantly less than I what I do. What keeps me going back you say? The feeling of knowing once I get out of the barber chair my hair won't be messed up. Truthfully I don't have the time to walk around with a bad haircut. I'm in the real world now, and I don't have an entire summer off to just let my hair grow back.


Before you judge me totally. Understand that I've paid more than $20 for a haircut. In Atlanta I've paid $25, and almost always pay that price; however a haircut in Atlanta is totally different from a haircut in New York City. There are few Barbers in New York who can actually compete with the barbers in Atlanta. I always walk out of those chairs in Atlanta happy, I always get my hair cut when I either arrive or when I'm getting ready to depart Atlanta, it's always one or the other. I can't possibly play myself, and not do that. So if I feel the haircut or services I'm receiving is worth $25 then yes I will hand over the money. So this is not a story of a cheap boy, but someone who doesn't want to be ripped off. With all that being said, I've switched barbers since this guy, and I haven't looked back. Also he was pushing my hairline back entirely too far, and no one was telling me. I didn't quite realize it until I looked at an old photo of myself, and then in mirror. Tragic!

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Vienna's Loos Bar Pops Up In New York (Thu, 20 Oct 2016 16:20:03 -0400)


Few boîtes are more deserving of the moniker "jewel box" than Vienna's fabled Loos Bar. At less than 300 square feet, Adolf Loos's modernist masterpiece is smaller than many American closets -- yet the Viennese architect's masterful use of mirrors beneath a coffered ceiling creates the illusion of a never-ending expanse of space and light.

The erstwhile saloon of a private gentleman's club, Loos American Bar (or just Loos Bar or the American) opened in 1908 after Loos returned from a three-year sojourn in the United States. With only three banquettes sheathed in absinthe green leather complemented by a tessellated floor in green and white marble, Loos Bar is one of Vienna's most romantic watering holes, beloved for its cozy and dimly-lit interior.


New Yorkers who yearn for an equally clandestine cocktail (without an eight-hour flight on Austrian Airlines) can wander into the Austrian Cultural Forum New York (ACFNY), where Viennese design firm breadedEscalope has created a pop-up homage to Loos Bar.


As a participant in ACFNY's ten-year retrospective of Vienna Design Week, breadedEscalope offers Bar Non-Lieu (2015), which is approximately the size of a steamer trunk from yesteryear, albeit comprised of particle board on its exterior. With the addition of removable wooden legs, Bar Non-Lieu resembles an amalgam of a sideboard and a classical bar cabinet -- yet a pair of latched doors enables two people to step inside and take a seat, thereby affording a new perspective on the ostensibly simple object.


Once inside Bar Non-Lieu, a patron has the impression of being seated at an atmospheric bar, complete with decanter and shot glasses, candles and ashtray, and a series of mirrors that expands the sense of space. Though you are seated in a box from the waist up, you feel as if you are inhabiting a private cocktail lounge built for two people to share secrets and spirits. The interior design muffles external noises while the cocktail bar is proportioned perfectly for a conversation between two people. The addition of a stovepipe and ashtray enables smokers (of whatever) to fully indulge without fear of asphyxiation.

In honor of Vienna Design Week's first decade, the exhibition at ACFNY (which runs through 16 January 2017) showcases the work of Austria's contemporary designers, often working in tandem with celebrated Viennese manufacturers such as J. & L. Lobmeyr, Wiener Silber Manufactur, and A.E. Köchert Juweliere. Comprised of fir wood framing and mahogany-stained plywood, as well as mirrors and a set of bar stools, Bar Non-Lieu also comes with a set of handmade tumblers and decanter.


From its inception in 2007, Vienna Design Week's modus operandi has been "A City Full of Design," a slogan that manifests the festival's desire to view design as a means of activating the urban environment. Accompanied by a 400-page publication, the exhibition at ACFNY is a celebration of Austria's most influential design festival -- and, as made manifest in breadedEscalope's Bar Non-Lieu, an homage to Viennese designers such as Adolf Loos.

(Photography credit, from top: ©David Plakke, ©Robin Roger Peller, ©breadedEscalope)

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