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Music Festival Guide 2016: How to Score Tickets and Travel for the Summer's Biggest Festival Events (Fri, 01 Jul 2016 19:46:23 -0400)

With a handful of this summer's biggest festival events already in the books, many of the remaining top festivals are yet to come, with sold-out general admission passes and pricey airfare. TiqIQ and Priceline have teamed up to create the definitive guide for what it will cost to attend, and get to, festivals like Lollapalooza, Panorama, Desert Trip and more.


Without question, this year's biggest festival highlight will be the newly-announced Desert Trip Festival which is set to take place across two weekends in October. Not only will the festival feature the biggest names in music history like Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, and The Rolling Stones, the festival offers longtime fans a chance to experience their historical longevity in a larger-than-life way. The "trip" however, will not be cheap. Fans looking to make the trek the Indio, California location will have to pay a hefty price, as the all-in cost of the experience is running upwards of $2,618 in total. The cheapest pass for either weekend is priced at $1,400, and the price tag isn't expected to get much cheaper.

Regardless, the summer also boasts a handful of cost-efficient experiences for fans around the country, namely Essence Music Festival in New Orleans, Electric Zoo in New York City, and Panorama Festival, which will make its New York City debut this July. All three festivals offer a jam-packed music weekend for an all-inclusive experience that will cost each attendee less than a grand. Electric Zoo is the cheapest festival experience of them all, as the all-in cost for a trip to see the top EDM acts in the world comes in at about $650.

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The Legend Of Tarzan Is Not So Legendary (Fri, 01 Jul 2016 17:59:39 -0400)

Finally, after all, these years Tarzan has made it to the big screen in a live-action movie titled The Legend Of Tarzan. Starring Alexander Skarsgard playing Tarzan, Margot Robbie as Jane, Christopher Waltz as the villain whose name you will not know or remember and Samuel L. Jackson as the comic relief that you will be thankful for.



If you were a fan of the Disney cartoon version don't expect to see that going into the theater. This is not a fun Disney musical, but a serious drama. It takes place nearly a decade after the Tarzan story we all know. Now Tarzan is known as John Clayton III, he has left Africa to live in Victorian England with his wife Jane. Jane and Tarzan go back to the Congo where Tarzan and apparently Jane grew up. Leon Rom, the evil villain played by Christopher Waltz, lures them into an evil scheme. The scheme involves King Leopold, an African king (played by Djimon Hounsou), African slaves and diamonds. Rom plans to capture Tarzan and deliver him to the king in exchange for the diamonds.

Tarzan is the last person you will leave the theater thinking about. Samuel L Jackson stole a good chunk of the show and you will thank him for it. He provides humor at the perfect moments and most of it is laugh out loud funny. He actually plays a bigger role in the movie then you would have thought based on the trailer. Margot Robbie was a perfect damsel in distress as Jane; who face managed to look perfect while running and falling through the jungle. Christopher Waltz plays the typically calm and menacing evil villain. The movie moves very fast and leaves little time to really develop most of the characters. You do get to see Tarzan swinging from trees, which creates great visuals of a shirtless Alexander Skarsgard. We also get to hear that famous Tarzan yell which would have been a crime to leave out of a Tarzan movie.

If you are a fan of the Disney version of the Tarzan story you may be a little disappointed with this film. But the CGI was good and believable and there were a few action sequences to capture your attention. I give The Legend of Tarzan three out of five stars. I give Samuel L. Jackson 4 out of 5 stars for bringing some life into this movie. We are living in a time where every movie that was a classic is being remade, rebooted and turned into some kind of cinematic universe with sequels and prequels. The Legend of Tarzan will be one among many that you will forget in the years to come. Overall, just wait for the movie to come out on Netflix.


You can go to AOL.com/Build to watch an interview with Samuel l. Jackson promoting The Legend of Tarzan, talking about his previous movies, his Lifetime Achievement Award and much more.

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'Eat, Pray, Love' Author Elizabeth Gilbert Splits From Husband José Nunes (Fri, 01 Jul 2016 17:31:33 -0400)

Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert is splitting from her husband, José Nunes, after over 12 years of companionship.

Gilbert announced the news in a Facebook post on Friday, writing, "I am separating from the man whom many of you know as "Felipe" — the man whom I fell in love with at the end of the Eat, Pray, Love journey. He has been my dear companion for over 12 years, and they have been wonderful years. Our split is very amicable. Our reasons are very personal.

See the post in its entirety below:

Gilbert's first marriage to Michael Cooper ended in 2002 after 8 years and prompted the trip that inspired her bestselling memoir. She married Nunes in 2007.

Gilbert had nothing but praise for Nunes in a 2015 interview with People magazine, calling him her "favorite souvenir" from her trip oversees.

"We've settled into something that's very nourishing and very sweet," she said. "And I'm not sure it's because we find each other fascinating so much as because we continue to show up and show interest in each other." 

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Smokey Robinson Heads To D.C. For Capitol Fourth Sounding -- And Looking -- Great (Fri, 01 Jul 2016 17:03:34 -0400)

Smokey Robinson / Promotional Photo

"Motown the Musical" is returning to Broadway for a limited run, but on Monday even those who can't get to New York can enjoy a little Motown fun. One of its greatest icons, Smokey Robinson is scheduled to join the lineup of superstars who will perform in the Capitol 4th concert broadcast live from Washington, DC on PBS. Throw in a close up, too, and they may notice that Robinson is also looking a little more handsome than usual.

"I'm honored to do it," the Detroit native told Center On The Aisle's Steve Schonberg last week about singing in the Capitol 4th concert. "That's a great United States celebration... When they contacted me, I said, 'of course I'd do it.'"

On the country's 240th birthday -- of which Robinson has seen 70 of them -- the U.S.A. celebrates in reflection and with pride, but also heightened distress due to a range of issues. Encouragingly, Robinson says, though, "l travel all over the world and I guarantee you that, as far as I'm concerned, America is it. We live in the greatest country in the world... so to be a part of a celebration that is [acknowledging] that fact, I'm very proud to do it."

The founder and frontman of "The Miracles," Robinson was born to a poor family in Detroit's North End area but went on to achieve worldwide acclaim as an award-winning singer, songwriter, producer and record executive. He served as Motown's Vice President from the mid-'60s until 1988 and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987.


Tom Bergeron ("Dancing with the Stars") will return to host the Capitol Fourth concert, which -- in addition to Robinson -- will feature performances by Kenny Loggins, Gavin DeGraw, Cassadee Pope, Sutton Foster and the cast of the Broadway musical, "On Your Feet!" all accompanied by the National Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of conductor Jack Everly. Alisan Porter, the Season 10 winner of "The Voice," will open the show with the "National Anthem."

Robinson's also been keeping busy with his latest business endeavor, a new skin line, Skinphonic, which Smokey says he and his wife, Frances, created after Smokey began to experience issues with his own skin.

"It was designed originally for the pigmentation of people of color. That includes all people of color. I'm not just talking about black people," Robinson said. "It's a three step system and there's two systems actually. There's one for women called 'My Girl' and one for men called 'Get Ready' [named for two of his best-known, penned songs]. It helps with Hypopigmentation... when you start to get dark spots on your skin and when you have blackheads or wrinkles or anything like that, skin damage."

"In about a week or two, my skin was just really wonderful, as far as I'm concerned. It got smoother and everything. I recommend it to everybody and I'm very proud of the fact that it's coming out," he added.

That's not to say he's slowed down at all on the music, either. Robinson has a schedule of tour dates lined up, is working on material for a new album and recently collaborated with Pharrell, recording a song for the score of an upcoming film.

Steve Schonberg is the editor-in-chief of www.centerontheaisle.com and is seen regularly on NBC's "Weekend Today in New York."

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Hassan Whiteside 'Broke' Snapchat This Morning, And That's Only The Beginning For The App (Fri, 01 Jul 2016 15:56:27 -0400)

Early this morning, Hassan Whiteside announced that he will be returning to the Miami Heat for the 2016-2017 season. In 2010, Lebron James announced "The Decision" to take on South Beach via a one-hour ESPN special. Just six years later, Whiteside, one of the year's best high-profile free agents stated his decision via Snapchat (oh, and The Players Tribune).

While the decision to announce on the messaging app will no doubt continue to be viewed as a running joke throughout free agency, it's also very telling of what's to come for the app. Why is Snapchat taking over the lives of both average Joe's and celebrities alike? How have two to 10- second images and videos made Snapchat more live streaming than any of its social media counterparts? Because Snapchat has achieved what all social media outlets have strived for -- authenticity. On other social channels, you can be portrayed however you'd like. On Snapchat, you are who you are and you are where you are. Geotags help prove that.

For the first time, celebrities are taking advantage of this social app in a way unlike the others -- they're all more or less taking the time to post themselves. And people are able to connect with brands and celebrities by actually seeing their day to day, the most intimate day to day scenes that the media is kept out of. The one's the media can't misconstrue. This is where celebrities really have control.

Snapchat's raw, charmingly lo-quality style means that it still seems undiscovered by most grownups and advertisers, despite it recently raising $1.81 billion, upgrading its valuation after financing to approximately 17.8 billion, and surpassing Twitter in the number of active users. While global brands have colonized Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat still seems on the fringe. They're getting there, they're crowded people's feeds, but it almost feels as if its too late.

In 2013, when Snapchat introduced the story feature, allowing users to string together short video clips to create a narrative, it paved the way for celebrities to build their brand on their own time and for themselves. Celebrities like DJ Khaled, Jared Leto, and the aforementioned Hassan Whiteside exponentially grew their personal brands through the use of the messaging app. Additionally, new celebrities were created because of how they used the app, like YesJulz and Yvan Rodic. What investors might not want to know, but brands will, is that building a brand via your own Snapchat story may be more effective than buying advertising. Companies like TheSkimm and sports teams like the Dallas Cowboys are going where their audience is, and allowing them to explore the intimate details of their lives, at the viewer's discretion.

A reason reality TV has started dying out is because it became so fake that people were in desperate need of real reality. With Snapchat, you're almost unable to be fake. While it is still relatively unknown how Snapchat will leverage its platform and users to make substantial profits, the start-ups, brands, and people who grew up with a phone in their hands have already determined how to leverage this media on a whole new level. A level where the media doesn't have control, a level where celebrities and "little people" alike can let you know what they're doing and feeling as it's happening in real time. Snapchat is so popular because the users, at least for now, have total control.

Hassan Whiteside's decision via a #HeatNation post on his Snapchat story is just the beginning. And that's pretty exciting.

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The Summer's Dumbest Video Game Is Also Kind Of My Favorite (Fri, 01 Jul 2016 15:07:36 -0400)

Few entertainment products are as brazenly corporate and synergistic as the "Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games" series, which, yes, is exactly the ludicrous fluff-fest it sounds like.

It started with a duo of 2007 games based on the then-upcoming Beijing summer Olympics. There have been entries for every Olympics since, up to the recent "Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games" for Wii U and 3DS. They're all officially licensed by the International Olympics Committee.

And they're absurd.

Who asked to see Wario square off against Knuckles the echidna in the javelin toss? Need we see Amy the hedgehog in her one-piece? What physics allow Yoshi to participate in the equestrian? Is it kind of hot when Dr. Eggman does the triple jump?

Why is any of this happening? 

Video games are capable of being great works of art. Sometimes, they're mechanically dazzling, as in the case of "Downwell," a fairly straightforward game about plummeting deep into the earth while shooting creatures with your weaponized boots. Other times, they're emotionally engrossing, like "Gone Home," an interactive narrative about a family with buried secrets.

And sometimes you get a video game that's just about Donkey Kong hitting the Rio beach with Princess Daisy and Tails the fox. You have some friends over, drink 10 Rolling Rocks and laugh uproariously -- mostly at the spectacle, but kind of at the just-good-enough gameplay that recalls everything from rhythm games like recent "Hatsune Miku" titles to "FIFA."

Video games, as a medium, are not dumb. This specific video game, though, is absolutely dumb.

And sometimes, that's just what you need. Because after a long week of sitting at a desk or shelving groceries or any number of mundanities that define 70 percent of our time, it can feel real good to watch a feathery mammal whose name we honestly don't know pummel Super Mario in the boxing ring.

You know you can't argue with that.

"Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games" is available for $59.99 for the Wii U version and $39.99 for the 3DS version.

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Vicki Gunvalson Talks Life After 'Cancer-Gate' On 'Real Housewives Of Orange County' (Fri, 01 Jul 2016 14:52:41 -0400)

Vicki Gunvalson is in a class all her own. 

Depending on who you ask, the kind of "class" might be called into question, but the "Real Housewives of Orange County" star has managed a feat even the biggest Bravo-lebrity couldn't claim. Ramona Singer? Nope. Lisa Vanderpump? Not even close. NeNe Leakes? Try again. 

In the history of the "Housewives," Gunvalson stands as the longest-running cast member, with 11 seasons under her (presumably designer) belt. But as every Housewife knows, longevity on the franchise only ups the chances that your dirty secrets will be aired for all to see. 

The reality star stopped by The Huffington Post last week to discuss the upcoming season, her now-ex-boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, and where she stands with the other Housewives in the aftermath of what some have dubbed "cancer-gate."

Season 10 was perhaps Gunvalson's most trying go-around yet, as her relationship with Ayers crumbled amid speculation that he was faking a cancer diagnosis for attention. Although Ayers maintains that he does have cancer, he later admitted to fabricating medical documents for the "storyline" of the show. Gunvalson stood by his side through it all, even as her friendships with the other women on the series crumbled. 

"I never lied," Gunvalson insisted. "I made a mistake by exposing and showing some vulnerability on my partner's side on how he was sick. In hindsight, I should have kept it private."

She added, "If their spouse or boyfriend was sick, I sure the heck wouldn't ask for medical records. That's where it all became really skewed and a problem and therefore the relationship ended."

Gunvalson's co-stars, however, seem less willing to put the past behind them, as the new season finds Vicki on the outs of the group trying to regain the trust of her former friends. But Coto de Caza's most famous resident doesn't seem to have much patience for their hard feelings.

"It wasn't about them. It was about the betrayal I had received," she said. "Some of them accept my apology, some of them don't. Let me see, the next time they mess up, if I will accept their apology. By the way, they [mess up] every day."  

Watch Gunvalson's interview with Cole Delbyck below.

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Arresting Our Attention: The Man In Blue On 'Orange Is The New Black,' Michael Harney On Season 4 And His Activist Heart (Fri, 01 Jul 2016 14:43:44 -0400)



When it comes to binge-favorite Orange Is The New Black, one thing has quickly become clear about the many characters presented through the halls of Litchfield; No one ever thinks in black and white. Whether they're behind bars or in front of them, these characters offer many complicated layers that can leave you sometimes overjoyed, sometimes extremely angry and sometimes absolutely baffled with their self-destructive behaviors -- and correction officer Sam Healy is certainly no exception. In fact, at times when he displays severe bigotry and patriarchal chauvinism, he can be one of the characters that often angers audiences most. But, the ever-sophisticated and smart actor Michael Harney who portrays Healy quickly informs audiences what drew him to the flawed character and the show as he explains that it really offers the complexities of human nature and that everyone is looking for absolution from something.

The main point of Orange is that it is a show about redemption. We are exploring a wide variety of characters who all come from different backgrounds and seeing that no matter what their circumstance, they are all seeking forgiveness in some way -- and that doesn't always depend on incarceration. Without complex characters like Sam Healy being in front of the bars, the show would lose its core idea that the people who are in prison are people too- just like everyone else with their own stories to tell. And Healy does have some deeply troubling demons that can be upsetting to audiences, but if we examined everyone under a microscope, who doesn't? These issues get beautifully explored this season, especially in a particular episode where Harney shines brighter than ever as he shows the softer side to his guarded character.

In real life though, Harney is actually the complete opposite of Sam Healy. An activist for everything from LGBTQ rights, to veterans, to abused children -- there isn't a single cause that Michael Harney doesn't want to jump on and radically raise awareness for, so much so that his art is most richly driven by his passion for spreading a strong message -- which is undoubtedly what drew him to OITNB in the first place.

The fantastic actor took time to talk about his dedication to activism, the fourth season of Orange, what else you can see him in, and what he would love to do!


The characters on Orange are so complex and ever-evolving. No one is black and white, or good or bad, and they are all seeking redemption of some sort -- whether they are behind the bars or not. Talk about that a bit and the many layers of your character.
I think the writers we have are great. They consistently give us these great contests within ourselves, as characters. And that touches on true humanity, because we are all in such a contest within ourselves anyway. So, each character, no matter where they come from, is dealing with their own human frailty, backstory, needs and self-destructive patterns -- basically their own kaleidoscope of being and the obstacles they have to go through, and our writing team really gives us the most wonderful and complex obstacles. And yes, that goes for whether you are incarcerated or not -- everyone needs redemption from something. And redemption most times comes to each of us through circumstances of life, not really through any higher virtue.

Let's trace back to his beginnings, which are really shown this season in their own special episode. Did you already know Sam's background, and if not, was it a lot different than what you thought of in your head?
No, I had no idea! I just show up and go with it! I've known Jenji for a while now, and we know each other very well through the work. She gets very turned on by painting with very rich colors and so do I.

One thing we saw is that Mr. Healy is constantly looking for love and has felt rejected, and holds a lot of resentment toward women because of this. He chooses very strong women to give kindness to and then feels bashed down when they don't reciprocate; Red, Piper, Doggett, and now Judy -- talk about Mr. Healy's desperation for love. Do you think his affection is more of a burden than a blessing with the way he turns on people?
Resentments are really seeded in a deep sense of pain and wounds, which is really a precipitating force for a longing for love and the desire to be accepted -- and I think we all have that. So, I think for Sam, he's very deeply wounded by the relationship with his mother that has been just so beautifully brought out in this backstory they've been showcasing the past few seasons. And for me, it's such an honor to portray someone with this backstory because there are so many people out there that do have these issues as well but they just aren't talking about them because in our culture we shame people for coming from these backgrounds, or places where they might feel emasculated -- and that's wrong. So, for Sam, I think the occasional anger toward women is usually a knee-jerk reaction due to a position of being overwhelmed by these past wounds. And as an actor you really can't play anybody that you don't like, so I'm always trying to do the most life-affirming thing. It's never so black or white, I always see him as many layered so I can embrace his gray area.


As this season really showed a softer side of Mr. Healey, the show brought in new bigger, badder correction officers with even more to prove, such as Piscatella and his team. Do you think there's any chance we will see Sam step up to the plate and rescue these girls?
[Cracks up] I actually said that to one of the producers on the show. I would so dig that! I'm an activist first and foremost. You want to piss me off? Hand me an injustice! So, to be able to step up and take that on? That would be my dream come true!

Now, this is not your first time working with Jenji Kohan. You also worked with her on the amazing Weeds -- talk about that a bit, and was that how you came into Orange Is the New Black?
It's funny -- when I worked on Deadwood, David Milch and I just communicated through the written word, and then afterwards we became such good friends...and that is how it is with Jenji. We focus on the work and communicate through it. When I see her, I put my arms around her, I give her a big kiss on the cheek and I tell her I love her. I have so much respect for her and our writers -- they are paying the internal price to make a difference as artists and they are doing a great job.

Your movie Bad Hurt, which came out at the Tribeca film festival last year was just released this year. Talk about that role a little bit and what fans can expect from it?
I had wanted to take time off, but the second I got this script, I knew I had to do it. I had my agent set up a phone call with Mark Kemble -- who has become a very dear friend of mine -- and we talked for an hour and a half and I was just sold. I wanted to do it because it addresses very key issues we are struggling with in our country like; the reality of special needs children and the demands on their family, the awareness we need to raise for veterans that suffer PTSD, and really just how families cope with very profound struggles in general.

And you also had an international film called Soy Nero which was selected to be in competition in Berlin? Can you tell us a little bit about that one?
That film exposes the process of how some immigrants become U.S. citizens by becoming soldiers. They are called "Green Card Soldiers." That was by my friend, who is a great director, Rafi Pitts, who had seen me on True Detective and given me the script and I was just so blown away by it because it really let me dream a lot. I remember calling him from the airport and telling him my idea of my character's backstory. He's so humble, he just said "That's so much better than what I wrote. Let's go with it." And we did. We must have added 5 pages to the script through improvisation of those ideas. I'm a big fan of John Cassavetes, and working with Rafi is probably the closest, aside from David Milch, that I've come to experiencing what a film set must have been like with him. He would just shoot everything and use these really long lenses. We never knew when it began or when it ended. It was all part of it. It was a great privilege for me.

You've worked on so many great shows and worked with so many great people; who would you love to work with and what kind of role would you love to play?

I would love to work with Robert DeNiro. As far as my dream role? I would like to do a show where I try an educate people on supporting kids, and raising awareness on the protection of advocacy of children so that they don't get hurt. A lot of kids in our country are gettin' hurt behind closed doors. It's wrong and needs to be brought to light. I'm actually thinking of writing something about that.

So dedicated to saving kids that he would write it himself if he had to? Damn. If you weren't convinced yet that Mr. Healy might have hero left inside of him, there's certainly no denying that Michael Harney is the full on Superman of television.

Season 4 of Orange Is The New Black is currently dreaming on Netflix.

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Gay Talese Says His New Book Isn't Credible, Then Defends It (Fri, 01 Jul 2016 14:37:09 -0400)

Gay Talese didn't mean it, guys.

The nonfiction writer and journalist told The Washington Post on Thursday that he is disavowing his new book The Voyeur's Motel because its "credibility is down the toilet."

The book follows Colorado motel owner Gerald Foos, outlining the three decades he spent allegedly spying on his guests, from the 1960s to the 1990s. Though there were skeptics before him, WaPo’s Paul Farhi recently identified a plethora of discrepancies between Talese's book and public records -- most notably a previously unknown eight-year period of time during which Foos didn't even own the hotel, starting in 1980. 

Talese was apparently unaware of the sale and subsequent gap in Foos' story until Farhi asked him about it this week. Readers were not pleased.

After the revelation Talese told the Post:

“The source of my book, Gerald Foos, is certifiably unreliable. He’s a dishonorable man, totally dishonorable . . . I know that . . . I did the best I could on this book, but maybe it wasn’t good enough … I should not have believed a word he said. I’m not going to promote this book. How dare I promote it when its credibility is down the toilet?”

However, the 84-year-old recently changed his tune. 

Publisher Grove Atlantic released a statement Friday afternoon, in which Talese, who has clearly calmed down since the initial storm, finds himself more supportive of his work.

“When I spoke to the Washington Post reporter, I am sure I was surprised and upset about this business of the later ownership of the motel, in the eighties,” Talese says in the statement. “That occurred after the bulk of the events covered in my book, but I was upset and probably said some things I didn’t, and don’t, mean. Let me be clear: I am not disavowing the book and neither is my publisher. If, down the line, there are details to correct in later editions, we’ll do that.”

David Remnick, the editor of The New Yorker (which published an excerpt of Motel in April), came to Talese's defense and told The New York Times that Foos hasn't been portrayed as a reliable narrator from the start. 

“The central fact of the piece, that Gerald Foos was, in the late ’60s and ’70s, a voyeur, spying on the guests in his motel, is not in doubt in the article,” Remnick told The Times. “The fact that he could sometimes prove an unreliable and inaccurate narrator is also something that Gay Talese makes clear to the reader, repeatedly, and is part of the way Foos is characterized throughout the article.”

There's something very A Million Little Pieces about the sequence of events that has unfolded. Readers can only hope that despite Talese's actions this summer and previously this year, his new work will stand up to the legacy his previous ones have helped create.

The Voyeur's Motel will come out on July 12. 

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'Game Of Thrones' Finale Hints At How The Wall Is Coming Down (Fri, 01 Jul 2016 14:24:55 -0400)

Say it ain't Snow!

Jon Snow just became King in the North, and he may have already hinted at the possible downfall of Westeros. 

Dude works fast.

Before we get too far, it's good to remember that a popular, and generally accepted, theory on "Game of Thrones" is that the Wall will be coming down. Hopefully the Night's Watch wasn't planning on hanging paintings or anything, because with 13 episodes left, that's probably happening soon. 

The speculation is that Bran could bring it down since he was marked by the Night's King. The White Walkers were able to enter the cave of the Three-Eyed Raven after Bran was marked, so peeps believe that Bran could also bring down the Wall after he crosses it.

While that could happen, it seems unlikely that Bran, who is now the Three-Eyed Raven and just downloaded the history of the world into his brain, wouldn't consider that possibility and avoid it.

But there is another option.

Euron Greyjoy is bringing down the Wall.

What do we know about Euron Greyjoy besides that he has a stupid crown?

Well, Euron is a pirate who's larger than life (aka Captain Jerk Sparrow) and he considers himself a god -- he even says so in his debut on the show, telling his brother Balon, "I am the Drowned God." As a god, he may be after the power of both ice and fire. The fire would be Dany's dragons, which he already said he's going for. The ice? That's likely the White Walkers.

"GoT" theorist Poor Quentyn speculates that Euron Greyjoy will be the one to take down the Wall and bring the White Walkers to Westeros, and that theory just got more support. 

In the Season 6 finale, right before Jon Snow is made King in the North, he tells the Northern lords, "The true enemy won't wait out the storm. He brings the storm."

We know Snow is talking about the White Walkers, but his wording is very interesting, especially considering what Euron says in his first appearance on the show:

"I am the storm, brother. The first storm and the last."  

Damn. For not knowing a lot, Snow really nailed this one. 

But if Euron is bringing the storm (the White Walkers) to Westeros, uh, how?

Well, it's all thanks to Sam. 

What I love most in the world are my books.

Sam Tarly is currently in Oldtown being a nerd reading a lot of books. But, he may unwittingly have the power to bring down the Wall in his possession.

In Season 2, Sam comes across a cache of dragonglass beyond the Wall, and along with the glass, he finds an old horn. In George R.R. Martin's books, this horn is believed to be the Horn of Winter (or the Horn of Joramun), which is said to be capable of bringing down the Wall. 

Also in the books, Euron is supposedly going to raid Oldtown. So if Sam does have the Horn of Winter, Euron is probably going to get it.

The books clearly differ from the show. In the books, Euron has another horn as well, which he apparently plans to use to control Dany's dragons. This horn hasn't been shown in the HBO adaptation, so it is possible the show is just not going to deal with the horns. Even Poor Quentyn, a champion of the Euron/Wall theory, admits Bran might be the one bringing down the Wall on the show.

Still, if the HBO version is good at one thing, it's foreshadowing. For instance, someone just pointed out how Rickon's first appearance on the show is him laughing at a missed arrow shot, and we all know how that story turned out. (Bruh needs to spend less time laughing and more time zigzagging.)

The connection between Euron's and Jon Snow's words is too big to ignore.

Winter is here, but the storm is coming.

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Nia Long: Film And TV Should Look Like The World We Live In (Fri, 01 Jul 2016 14:24:14 -0400)

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences took a big step this week to including more women and people of color in its organization by sending out a record 683 invitations, which included Nia Long.

On Thursday, Long shared her excitement over the Academy’s attempt to increase diversity in its ranks during an appearance on daytime talk show, “The Talk.”

“I’m very excited that the Academy is diversifying the group so that we [African Americans] can have a voice,” she said. “[So] that we can talk about our projects, [so] that we can vote. Film and television should look like the world that we live in.”

In addition to Long, actors Idris Elba, Michael B. Jordan, Gabrielle Union, and Vivica A. Fox were among the new crop of invitees selected.

Long’s prestigious invite into the Academy also comes on the heels of the 25th anniversary of the actresses’ 1991 breakout film,“Boyz n the Hood.” She went on to tell “The Talk” co-hosts that, although she and the film’s cast had no idea how much of a cultural impact it would make years later, she applauds director John Singleton --who became the youngest person, and the first African American, to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Director -- for “being brave enough” to make the film.

“He was 22 years old when he made that film, and he changed the way that black people living in the hood are viewed,” she said. “To be able to tell our stories. To be able to have a platform to feel apart of something.”

Happy 25th Anniversary!! 

Check out Nia Long’s interview segment on “The Talk” in the clip above.

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Kylie Jenner Can't Stop Posting Photos Of Herself In Cornrows (Fri, 01 Jul 2016 14:09:55 -0400)

Kylie Jenner is no stranger to controversy, as she's posed for a magazine cover in a gilded wheelchair and dated a 25-year-old rapper at only 17 (whom she's still, unfortunately, dating). 

The 18-year-old reality star is also a repeat offender of cultural appropriation, especially when she wears her hair in cornrows. On Friday, Jenner posted a selfie showing off her braided hair on Instagram, immediately drawing the ire of her fans. 

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Twitter was not happy with her photo, and commenters lashed out at the teen:

Only a few weeks ago, Jenner posted a photo with cornrows while modeling a nude bikini:

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Kylie has worn braids before and, as past Instagram photos attest, she'll probably do it again -- despite what people have said about the problems with her hairstyle. 

"Hunger Games" actress Amandla Stenberg called out Jenner for cultural appropriation in 2015, writing in the comments of one of Kylie's cornrow photos, “When u appropriate black features and culture but fail to use ur position of power to help black Americans by directing attention towards ur wigs instead of police brutality or racism #whitegirlsdoitbetter." 

Stenberg even made a video, called "Don't Cash Crop on My Cornrows." The clip explains why it's so troubling for white people to wear braids and, in the case of Kylie, use their celebrity status to elevate the hairstyle to something "trendy," despite its consistent presence in black culture. 

Jenner should watch this video and think twice before she wears cornrows again. 

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Jennifer Lopez's Makeup-Free Selfie Has A Surprise 'Hamilton' Guest (Fri, 01 Jul 2016 13:59:02 -0400)

No makeup necessary!

Jennifer Lopez might require a glam squad to go full J.Lo every night of her Las Vegas residency, but in her down time she's happy to just be Jenny from the Block. 

The "Shades of Blue" star shared a photo of herself looking gorgeous sans makeup on Thursday with a surprise guest in the background: Lin-Manuel Miranda! 

Clearly inspired by the "Hamilton" creator's moving Tony Awards acceptance speech, Lopez captioned the photo of the duo with the hashtags #loveisloveisloveisloveisloveislove#LoveMaketheWorldGoRound and #JLin

#loveisloveisloveisloveisloveislove #LoveMaketheWorldGoRound. #JLin

A photo posted by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) on

With papers strewn across a coffee table and Miranda at his laptop, we can't help but wonder if the two might be collaborating in the near future. A new musical, perhaps? 

A friend to Miranda since his "In the Heights" days, Lopez was one of the lucky few to score a ticket to "Hamilton" and went backstage to congratulate him after the show. 

How could we say no to these two? 

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Don't Miss The 10 Best Movies Of 2016 So Far (Fri, 01 Jul 2016 13:52:29 -0400)

Half of 2016 has already come and gone, but have any Oscar contenders hit theaters yet? Have any future classics graced our biggest screens? Probably so! Despite the blockbuster box-office woes plaguing Hollywood's purse strings right now, this year has offered a few remarkable movies here and there -- if you know where to look. In some places, like a certain lucrative animal utopia, that's obvious. In others, you have to keep squinting at your theater's marquis to realize it's probably not screening the best independent titles. But have no fear -- some of these have already appeared on iTunes (or whatever home-viewing platform you select), and others will arrive there imminently. Put 'em all on your radar, because we could be talking about these 10 titles again very soon. And a special shout-out to a few honorable mentions: "10 Cloverfield Lane," "Hunt for the Wilderpeople," "Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising" and "De Palma." Onward!

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Eva Longoria Posts A Moving Message About How Selena Inspired Her (Fri, 01 Jul 2016 13:50:35 -0400)

On Tuesday, Selena Quintanilla fans celebrated news that the Queen of Tejano would receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame more than 20 years after her tragic death. The announcement was particularly special for Eva Longoria.

The 41-year-old actress, who was raised in Corpus Christi, Texas like Selena, will also be receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2017. On Thursday, Longoria posted a moving message about the importance of receiving the honor alongside her idol:

She was the reason I even dared to dream that a better life was possible. And that that life didn't have to distance you from where you came from. So many people become famous and leave a place without ever crediting it with the role it played in shaping their lives. Selena was proud of being from Corpus Christi, Texas. And that made me proud to be from Corpus. She blazed the way for all of us and I will be forever grateful to her for not only that but for the pure joy I felt when I got to see her perform. Her smile, her charisma, her beauty put every single person who watched her under a spell. Thank you Selena. I know I will receive my star on the Walk of Fame because you dared to dream it first.

I could never have dreamed that one day I would receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But even more ironic is that the same year I receive my star, so does my idol, my inspiration, my fellow Tejana, my fellow Corpus Christi native, Selena Quintanilla. She was the reason I even dared to dream that a better life was possible. And that that life didn't have to distance you from where you came from. So many people become famous and leave a place without ever crediting it with the role it played in shaping their lives. Selena was proud of being from Corpus Christi, Texas. And that made me proud to be from Corpus. She blazed the way for all of us and I will be forever grateful to her for not only that but for the pure joy I felt when I got to see her perform. Her smile, her charisma, her beauty put every single person who watched her under a spell. Thank you Selena. I know I will receive my star on the Walk of Fame because you dared to dream it first. ⭐⭐⭐

A photo posted by Eva Longoria Baston (@evalongoria) on

Longoria had previously posted a message of gratitude for the honor on Instagram on Wednesday, sharing a story of when she first arrived to Hollywood and giving a shout out to Selena. 

OMG I'm so honored to be receiving a STAR on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! I remember moving to Hollywood nearly 20 years ago and going straight to the iconic street and looking at the stars saying "I wanna have a star on this street one day!" I remember it so clearly, I was on the corner of La Brea and Hollywood Blvd. Thank you to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for making this dream of mine come true! ⭐⭐⭐ What makes this even sweeter is that I stand side by side with my idol Selena Quintanilla! Corpus girls representing! #HollywoodWalkOfFame #WOFStarGirl

A photo posted by Eva Longoria Baston (@evalongoria) on

Other new Walk of Fame honorees include Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, John Legend, Venezuelan conductor Gustavo Dudamel and more. 

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