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What Really Happened Inside The Bataclan: Eagles Of Death Metal Speaks Out For First Time (Wed, 25 Nov 2015 23:07:16 GMT)

For the first time since terrorists stormed the Bataclan theater in Paris during an Eagles of Death Metal concert, band members recounted the horror in an interview with Vice's Shane Smith.

"We weren't sure if they were targeting us or what was going on,"  guitarist Eden Galindo said of the furious gunfire that erupted after the Nov. 14 show. 

One of the killers paused to load a fresh ammunition clip into his gun, and someone in the band's entourage yelled to the others, "Let's go!" 

Some band members ran for cover upstairs, but saw another gunman and retreated. Back downstairs, they found their way to a side exit and onto the street.

Matt McJunkins, the bassist, was in a dressing room with fans, hiding behind a curtain. He said people were "pouring through" the door from the stage. The band's tour manager was nearby and made eye contact with McJunkins, who said they had the same thought: "There's no exit over here."

McJunkins made his way into another backstage room. "Several people had been shot and were bleeding," he said. People barricaded the door with chairs. McJunkins said he grabbed a bottle of champagne from a mini-fridge as a weapon. "It's all we had," he said.

Water from a broken pipe was gushing into the room, McJunkins said. "We were worried because the water was up to here -- it was covering our shoes," he said. "It started trickling down the stairs and we were worried that maybe it would alert someone."

Bursts of gunfire would continue for 10 or 15 minutes at a time, then would pause and pick up again. An explosion "shook the whole room, probably the whole building," McJunkins said.

"The initial shots were so powerful for me that I immediately knew something was wrong," said Julian Dorio, the drummer. "I saw two guys out front, and that might just be the most awful thing ever -- them just relentlessly shooting into the audience."

Dorio crawled to the right side of the stage, shielded by his gear, until he could escape  to safety out the side door.

Jesse Hughes, the band's co-founder, ran looking for his girlfriend. He opened a door and one of the shooters stood right in front of him.

"A barrel hit the door frame and I was like, 'Oh fuck'," Hughes said. He ran back downstairs and heard his girlfriend talking to a fellow band member, so he escaped out the side door. 

Hughes said he saw throngs of people standing in the alley, motionless. "People just didn't seem to know what to do," he said. 

"The show went well, these kids were having a blast," said Shawn London, the sound engineer. Then the gunmen "came in the door and instantly started blasting, there were two of them." People had nowhere to escape, so they ran toward his equipment and took cover beneath it, he said.

"I was still standing up and I looked right at the gunman and he shot right at me and he missed and he hit my console," London said. "That's when I went instantly down to the ground."

The gunman continued to shoot, he said. He "screamed at the top of his lungs Allah Akbar."

When the gunman stopped shooting to reload, London said he and five others ran. The gunman shot at them, but missed, shattering a glass door. 

Eventually, band members made it to the nearest police station. "I instantly stopped worrying a little bit, at least about the uncertainty of things," Hughes said.

"It was still chaos, cause there were kids coming from the venue covered in blood," Galindo added.

The first person they called was band member Joshua Homme, who had not joined them in Paris that night. He was in his studio when he got a text message saying, "Everyone got shot. They took hostages. I've got blood all over me."

Hughes reflected on who lived and who died in the mayhem. "Several people hid in our dressing room and the killers were able to get in and kill everyone, except for a kid who was hiding under my leather jacket," Hughes said. "A great reason so many were killed was because so many people wouldn't leave their friends."

Nick Alexander, the band's merchandise manager, died while protecting someone else. He "bled out because he didn't want anyone else to get hurt," Hughes said, beginning to cry.

Homme showed two pieces of paper on which he has been writing the names of those who didn't make it. "It's so hard to even believe it," he said. "I just wanted to write it down to see it, for God's sake, their parents, I wish I could talk to their parents. I sort of want to just get down on my knees and say whatever you need."

Hughes said he now feels lucky. "I may be scared, I may have gone through some bad shit, but I'm breathing. I get to talk to my son tonight," he said.

"I cannot wait to get back to Paris," Hughes continued. "I want to play. I want to be the first band to play in the Bataclan when it opens back up. Our friends went to see rock and roll there and died. I want to go there and live."

The band plans to finish their current tour. Members said they've asked other musicians to perform covers of their song, "I Love You All the Time," and will donate proceeds to victims.

"We will never lose or forget you," London said of the victims. "I love you all very much, and we will move past this," Hughes added.

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How Much Do Americans REALLY Know About Thanksgiving? (Wed, 25 Nov 2015 22:29:33 GMT)

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and you're probably about to eat a lot of food with your family and then fall asleep on the couch while watching football -- but do you really know what this holiday is all about?

What's Trending took to the streets of Los Angeles to get a sense of how much people knew about the history of this celebrated national holiday. The results will surprise you!

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Kim Kardashian Wore A 'Hustler' Cowboy Hat In Her Youth (Wed, 25 Nov 2015 22:19:41 GMT)

Before Kanye West entered Kim Kardashian's life, and her closet, she wore off the rack clothes and followed trends just a little too closely

We're about to flashback about decade before anyone knew the Kardashian name -- outside of the O.J. Simpson trial, of course. The year was 1998 and Kim celebrated her 18th birthday with her 14-year-old sister Khloe at a Backstreet Boys concert. They wore cowboy hats, except Kim's was hot pink with the word "HUSTLER" on it in big silver letters (because foreshadowing, maybe?)

When you're sick in bed & going through old pics! Khloe don't kill me lol This was my 18th birthday & Khloe took me to a Backstreet Boys concert! #WhatAreThoooseHats

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Or at least that's the story Kardashian is telling in the flashback pic she posted along with a message to make herself feel better. Since the Backstreet Boys didn't play a concert on October 21, 1998 (at least one member of BSB was at the 1998 Fairway to Heaven Golf Tournament in Las Vegas that day) -- aka Kim's 18th birthday -- it's possible this glorious embarrassing throwback was actually taken either on her 17th birthday, when they performed at Nickelodeon's The Big Help, or more likely on her 19th birthday which coincides with their San Jose, California stop on their Into the Millennium Tour.

Does it matter? No. You know what matters? "#WhatAreThoooseHats," that's all that really matters here. 


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'Game Of Thrones' Actor Reveals What It Was Like To Stab Jon Snow (Wed, 25 Nov 2015 22:11:39 GMT)

If you're anything like Barack Obama as a "Game of Thrones" fan -- or, really, any kind of "Game of Thrones" fan other than a true diehard -- you probably don't remember the name Othell Yarwyck. He's actually made appearances in four seasons of the show, but he hasn't had that many lines. (And, yes, it's hard to keep the names straight.) He's the First Builder in the Night's Watch, so he's right up there in leadership with Jon Snow. Here he is sitting in Castle Black next to Snow in Season 5, Episode 3:

Even if your recollection of the character remains dim, you surely remember something he did in the Season 5 finale. He was one of the Night's Watch brothers who betrayed and stabbed Snow, apparently killing him. He was actually the second person to plunge his knife into Snow's chest, so he was pretty integral to the plot. 

Brian Fortune, the Irish actor who plays Yarwyck, spoke with Ireland's Newstalk this week about the experience of filming that heart-wrenching scene. (Maybe he thought it was safe to emerge now that set leaks and the official poster for Season 6 have all but confirmed the theory that Snow will live to fight another day.) Fortune said that it felt "pretty good" to be one of Snow's killers. How macabre!

"It's not every day you're shooting a historic scene in probably the biggest TV show ever," he explained, "And of course the reaction to Jon Snow's death was phenomenal!"

As fun as it was for him, though, Fortune said he's gotten some negative reactions from fans since the momentous episode. 

"When the scene was fresh in people's minds a couple of guys gave me a bit of a hard time verbally and I was called a bastard among other things by some ladies," he said. "Pretty tame stuff."

Fortune, who admitted he's never read George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice And Fire books, also said that the big scene was the only plot point he's ever revealed to a civilian before the show aired. 

"I cracked and told my wife Polly ... and that was the worst thing I could have possibly done because I was afraid she might let it slip," Fortune said. "It was an absolute nightmare waiting for the episode to be screened."

Fortune seems to have learned this lesson well. Asked about the rumors that Jon Snow would return in the next season, he feigned total ignorance.

"What?" he responded. "Jon Snow is on the Season 6 poster? He's still alive? News to me!"

The Newstalk writer noted that Fortune laughed at this point. So, you know, interpret that as you will. 

For more with Fortune, including his favorite scene to film, read the whole interview.


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Reasons We Drink Heavily On Thanksgiving (Wed, 25 Nov 2015 22:06:10 GMT)


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The 15 Most Ridiculous Items From Gwnyeth Paltrow's Holiday Wish List (Wed, 25 Nov 2015 22:00:29 GMT)

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Gwyneth Paltrow's annual Goop holiday wish list is out. 

Paltrow -- how should we say this? -- has, in the past, been accused of being a bit out of touch with the reality of everyday Americans. Her lifestyle website and newsletter Goop often peddle products you will never ever need at insanely high prices.

This year, Paltrow seems to be catching on to her public perception, and thusly titled one list "Ridiculous (and Awesome) Gifts." 

"While there’s no lack of over-the-top indulgences this time of year (18-karat gold dumbbells, anyone?)," reads the list's description, "This gift guide isn’t just about crazy extravagances: There’s a little ridiculous for every budget."

Is there, though?

Check out the 15 most ridiculous items below. 


1.The Standard for Joséphier (toliet paper for rich people) - ~$950

2. Rosewood Handle Truffle Slicer - $40

 3. Goldloft 18K Gold Dumbbells - $125,000

4Cedes Milano Toothpaste Squeezer - $244

5.Canoe Condom Dispenser - $42

6.Hermès Mahjong Set - $46,000 

7.Vintage Ball & Chain from Blackman Cruz - $1,500 (Too soon, Gwyneth, too soon)

8.Gilded Playing Cards with Leather Card Case - $2,300

9.The Darwin Tank - $1,621.27 (It's a tank for jellyfish. We repeat: Jellyfish.)

10.Modern Dinner Bells - $60

11.Sennheiser Orpheus Headphones - $55,000

12.Aquaovo Ruby Water Filter - $1,100

13.Italian White Truffle - $175

14.Tatcha Akari Gold Massager - $195

15.World View Exploration at the Edge of Space - $90,000

Just like your holiday wish list, right? 

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Not Even Bryan Cranston Can Watch This 'Breaking Bad' Scene Without Crying (Wed, 25 Nov 2015 21:58:06 GMT)

If you, like us, were a loyal "Breaking Bad" viewer, you'll know that the AMC show was a five-season long emotional roller coaster. There were ups and (mostly) downs, but it was no doubt a wild, sad and sometimes scary ride. 

One of the most heartbreaking scenes in the series involved Bryan Cranston's Walter White watching Jesse Pinkman's (Aaron Paul) girlfriend, Jane (Krysten Ritter), choke on her own vomit and die. He could have helped her, but he chose not to. The emotional scene displayed White's stone-cold attitude, which only got worse as the show progressed. 

As it turns out, that scene was especially difficult for Cranston to film. In a preview clip for Wednesday's episode of "Inside the Actors Studio," he reveals to host James Lipton what was going through his mind at that moment on set. (Lipton played the scene before asking his questions.)

"What civilians don't understand, that we do, is that actors need to be willing to pay a price for it -- it's an emotional price that you need to be willing to pay," he says. 

As he continues to talk about the scene, Cranston breaks down in tears. 

"At one point, I saw my daughter's face instead of hers, and that was the moment that choked me up, and it was like, 'Oh my God,'" he continues. "And I guess that's why I closed my eyes -- I'm not sure. You don't remember the specifics because you're there.”

But once he told himself to "get over it" and let go of the image of his daughter, Cranston says he was able to tap back into White's cold-hearted mindset and finish the scene. And the rest is Emmy Award-winning history. 

You can watch Cranston describe filming the tough scene in the clip above, and tune into "Inside the Actors Studio" Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo to watch the whole interview. 


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Michelle Obama Misses 'The Little Things' About Life Outside The White House (Wed, 25 Nov 2015 21:31:20 GMT)

When asked what she misses most about ordinary life outside of the White House, First Lady Michelle Obama gave a very frank answer.

"I don't even know where my wallet is right now," she told Extra during a recent trip to Qatar to talk about her “Let Girls Learn” program, which promotes education for girls around the world.

“It’s the little things, going into a grocery store and picking my own apple and checking it out and reaching into my wallet and pulling out my wallet," she said. "I don’t even know where my wallet is right now. I don’t think I’ve seen it all day. I’m just trying to keep my regular life mojo up.”

Obama has previously lamented that she misses a lot of ordinary things that she is not allowed to do under Secret Service protection. In September, when comedian Stephen Colbert asked her what she looks forward to doing after she leaves the White House, she had a pretty simple response.

"I want to do little things like, you know, open a window," she said.

In the Extra interview, which will air Wednesday, she also looked back on how "surreal" it was when the Obama family first moved into the White House and how it took a while for them to get accustomed to their new lives and let it all sink in.

"One minute you’re standing next to your spouse taking the oath, and then you’re in the White House and your head is spinning and you don’t know where your shoes are and you don’t know what door is the bathroom," she recalled. "We were doing that while trying to get the kids started in school and making sure they were getting the homework down, so it really took a couple of months even to breathe deeply and realize, my god, we’re in the White House."

As her husband's presidency comes to a close, Obama stressed that being in the White House has "been a gift for me and my family," she said. "It’s been an honor to serve."


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Behind the Scenes: The Magic of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (Wed, 25 Nov 2015 21:31:03 GMT)

There are few things more American than the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The parade now in its 89th year, has become a ritual of the American household with over 50 million viewers a year, and more than 3.5 million people filling the streets to attend it in person.

Photo Courtesy of Macy's

There is a reason magicians don't reveal their tricks. And I worried that given access to the events leading up to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade might ruin some of the magic and mystery of the parade. According to Business Insider, this grand institution includes 1,200 dancing cheerleaders, 900 jesting clowns, 27 floats, 17 giant balloons, 22 smaller balloons, 11 marching bands and one Santa Clause.

Founded in 1924, "the parade's roots are really in volunteerism and giving back, and Macy's is a company that believes in giving back," Amy Kule, the executive producer of the parade, told me. "When the parade was started back in 1924, it was a small group of employees who didn't really have a way to celebrate and they came together."


Balloon team learns to steer a new balloon during Balloon Fest.

In preparation for the parade, Macy's hosts a number of events, the first of which is Balloon Fest. Balloon Fest is an opportunity for Macy's to unveil the new balloons of each year, and give their handlers some practice before they take to the streets in front of millions of viewers.

This year, the parade will feature four new giant balloons. Scrat from the Ice Age films will claw for an acorn balloon just out of reach, Red an Angry Bird appears ahead of his upcoming film, Dino the Sinclair dinosaur is a throwback balloon of similar style to the one that was feature in the New York Worlds Fair, and Ronald McDonald will return with a new outfit.

See Scrat fly! Will he catch the acorn?

These giant balloons live up to their title. The smallest at Balloon Fest, the acorn Scrat has been chasing through all of the Ice Age, is roughly the size of a Fiat, and Dino the brontosaurus is the only life-sized balloon -- who is returning to New York a victor after scientists reinstated the brontosaurus earlier this year!

Each of these balloons is filled with a mixture of gaseous helium and air. How much helium? John Piper, the Vice President of Macys Studios, explained to me, "We use gaseous helium, and we'll have four giant tube trailers that carry the gaseous helium and they each hold about 125,000 square cubic feet. And we'll have four of those stationed on two city blocks to inflate all seventeen balloons and the small balloons."

Piper and his team spend months on the creation of these balloons which are all hand painted.

"To take a balloon from its first sketch or idea to Balloon Fest somewhere from between five to nine months, depending on the complexity and shape of the balloon," he said.

John Piper tests the balloon inflation on the Scrat balloon.

"[Once the balloons are complete], they test flights in North Dakota. And they have different wind speeds, and they throw different speeds at the balloon to make sure it properly balanced," Paul Cronin, a veteran balloon pilot, explained to me.

During Balloon Fest, the balloons are inflated and given to handlers, captains and pilots to test out the balloons in a parking lot at Citi Field in Queens. According to Piper, each giant balloon requires between 40-80 handlers, pilots and captains for a total of 2,000 balloon handlers in total.

Paul Cronin beside Red, the Balloon he will pilot this year.

The next event in the lead up to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is Clown University. Each of the 900 volunteer clowns is required to attend what might be the best job training ever -- Clown University.

Clown University hosted by the Big Apple Circus, nestled under a big tent beside the Metropolitan Opera House, shows clowns the art of being silly. The clowns are then broken into groups where they learn routines together. Needless to say, there were a lot of smiles by all.

At the end of Clown University, each pupil is given a diploma. Many of these clowns return every year. Being a clown is one of the sought after position. One volunteer fondly nicknamed Grandma Boo, will be marching for her second year, after trying to get into the clown program for 50 years.

2015-11-25-1448463477-1838386-IMG_4729.jpgGrandma Boo, Center, will return for her second year.

How does one become a volunteer? Volunteers must be at least seven years old, and either an employee of Macy's or family member of an employee, or part of an invited group of performers. Roughly 4,000 employees volunteer for this parade each year.

Charlie Silva dances as a sugar plum fairy clown.

A float reveal day is the next big event, where school children and the media are invited to visit the Macy's workshop which feels much like Santa's, though not nearly as cold. The New Jersey based office is where all the magic behind the parade originates and is brought to life. Other events include two dress rehearsals and the ever popular balloon blow up.

To bring the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade to life requires several months of planning, beginning the day after the parade. Amy Kule and her team hinted they are already planning next year's 90th parade and eyeing the 100th.

Going behind the scenes and seeing how the parade is created ended up not in any way spoiling the magic. Instead, it gave me a greater appreciation for the work that goes into it.

When I pressed Kule to give us a hint of what to expect for next year's 90th parade she mused, "You'll see balloons and floats, and you'll see some marching bands, and you'll see some cheerleaders, and you'll hear from some really great talent... It will be like that!"

All photos unless otherwise specified were taken by Riley Arthur, video is by Patrick Felsenthal.

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Don't Bring Your Tablet To A Concert, And Other Things Learned From Seeing The Weeknd (Wed, 25 Nov 2015 21:20:36 GMT)

The Weeknd performed at Barclays Center on a Thursday, which seemed appropriate as "Thursday" is the title of the artist's 2011 mixtape. The concert, which also featured rapper Travi$ Scott and Banks, was packed to the brim with a good-looking crowd. 

It was both interesting and thrilling to watch The Weeknd (real name Abel Tesfaye) grow into such a huge artist, instead of just being the kid whose mixtapes you played over and over in college. At the show, part of "The Madness" tour, he told fans that it was just a year ago -- also in Brooklyn -- that he played his first arena. Considering Rihanna just added him as an opening act to her Anti world tour, he's certainly going to play a lot more arenas in the future. 

So catch him while you can, but make sure to keep these "dos" and "don'ts" in mind when you see him: 

Do: Dress up. 

If you go see The Weeknd, you're competing with a stylish crowd. Everyone attending was music-video-ready, so be sure to throw on your sexiest jumpsuit or all-black everything. 

Don't: Miss the opening acts. 

Yes, you're probably there to see the headliner. But Travi$ Scott did an amazing job warming up the crowd, even jumping into the audience when people weren't hype enough. Banks (who trades off shows with another opening act, Halsey) was like the electric Lana Del Rey you didn't know you needed. Get to the show early, because it starts on time. 

Don't: Snapchat/upload every photo. 

For one thing, it'll zap all of your battery instantly. Standing in a concert with 20,000 other people means you'll get no service or the slowest service. Also, taking time to view the concert through something other than your phone screen is, you know, fun.  

Do: Learn all of the lyrics to The Weeknd's older songs. 

If you don't know them, you need to. The Weeknd has been around for years, even though he just started playing really huge arenas and winning AMAs. He's also the rare kind of artist that will make sure to play all of your favorite songs, even ones off the mixtape you never thought you'd hear.

Don't: Bring a tablet. 

Sure, everyone is there to Instagram a picture (or seven) so they can show their friends how much fun they're having. But using a tablet to take photos? Leave it at home. Though it's a hilarious thing to see, it's hard to block out a tablet when it's right in front of you. 

Don't: be afraid to BYOV. 

BYOV = Bring Your Own Vape, of course. So many people were vaping, it didn't seem like the fog machines were needed. Pax Labs invited us to the show, which seems like a fairly on-brand partnership for The Weeknd, who told the crowd someone in his band was “high AF right now.”

Do: Look for celebrity guests. 

Apparently Rihanna was at the concert (she's *maybe* dating Travi$ Scott) and people didn't realize they were breathing the same air as the star. Always look to the VIP section so you have one more person to name-drop during water cooler discussion at work the next day. 

Do: Stay for the end. 

A lot of people cleared out of the concert at soon as The Weeknd KILLED his performance of "The Hills" (one word: pyrotechnics). But, just like waiting for all of the movie credits to finish rolling, it's worth waiting for The Weeknd's encore.  


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'Star Wars' Fans Send Fox News Contributor Death Threats After She Disses Them (Wed, 25 Nov 2015 20:58:52 GMT)

 Fox News contributor Katherine Timpf learned the hard way that the only thing that will get "Star Wars" fans more riled up than Jar Jar Binks is being called juvenile. For weeks, the journalist and comedian has been getting death threats over comments she's made about the series. But in an essay published on Tuesday in the National Review, she said she has no intention to apologize. 

The whole affair began about a month ago, when Timpf appeared on Fox News' late-night political talk show "Red Eye" to talk about "Star Wars." She had some harsh words for the series and its fans. 

"I have never had any interest in watching space nerds poke each other with their little space nerd sticks, and I’m not going to start now," Timpf said. "You people are crazy. You Star Wars people are crazy." 

She explained that she had gotten death threats after tweeting that she never became interested in "Star Wars" in high school because she was because she'd "been too busy liking cool things and being attractive.” 

As Timpf explained in the essay, she got a few more death threats after appearing on "Red Eye," which surprised her, given that the show airs at 3 a.m. Then things quieted down -- until Saturday, when YouTuber AlphaOmegaSin posted a video slamming her comments. 

"You just made yourself into a f**king target by trying to attack people for no reason other than liking something that you disliked," AlphaOmegaSin said. 

If Timpf was a target before, she became a much bigger one after this video went live. Commenters on the YouTube video excoriated Timpf and wished all manner of horrible violence upon her -- including rape and murder. And many Twitter users were at least as aggressive. 

Timpf, though, refuses to back down. In her National Review piece, she defended herself by saying that her comments "were clearly jokes." 

"A lot of people are clearly a lot of upset. But guess what? I’m not apologizing," Timpf wrote. "Why? Because the all-too-common knee-jerk reaction of apologizing for harmless jokes after overblown hysteria is ruining our culture."

But it looks like the ordeal hasn't made Timpf lose her sense of humor. She's posted a bunch of related photos to Instagram over the past couple days, including this hilarious photo of herself as Darth Vader.

A photo posted by Katherine Timpf (@kattimpf) on

Timpf's comments may have been insensitive. But the reaction from the fanbase was obviously over the top. Way over the top. While it wouldn't be hard to compare Fox News to an evil empire, they're the ones on the dark side this time.

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Watch The First And Final Shots Of Deceased 'Game Of Thrones' Characters (Wed, 25 Nov 2015 20:20:38 GMT)

"Game of Thrones" is known for two things: sex and death. 

If you're interested in the former, let us direct you a video compilation of the all the sex and nudity in the series' fifth season. For those who are attracted to the darker side of Westeros, however, check out this supercut of the first and final close-ups of every major dearly (and not so dearly) departed "Game of Thrones" character.

The video was created by Fernando Andrés, who hoped to impress upon viewers that, "no matter our nobility or our wealth, we all die the same."

The first teaser poster for the upcoming sixth season was released on Monday. Jon Snow, who was stabbed repeatedly and left for dead in the last season's finale, appears front and center, fueling speculation that the fan favorite will make another appearance in the HBO drama. 

If Snow does return to the land of the living, Andrés will need to make some serious revisions to his supercut. 

Long live Jon Snow!

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World's Best Son Chris Hemsworth Paid Off His Parents' Debt (Wed, 25 Nov 2015 19:48:03 GMT)

Not only is Chris Hemsworth a great actor, a great husbandand a great dad, he's also the world's best son. 

In an interview with The Independent, Chris' younger brother, Liam Hemsworth, revealed that the "Thor" actor paid off all of his parents' debt. And what's more, he didn't tell them he was doing it -- it was a surprise. 

Liam explained that Chris called their dad to tell him to look at his bank account: 

"He [his father] called my brother Chris back and said: 'I don’t know how to feel. Since I left home I have had debts and I thought I’d be paying them off until I died and have this weight hanging over me, and now to have them completely cleared.' They are so happy now and able to spend more time with us, I would love to be able to do something for my parents like that."

And Liam's not so bad himself. The "Hunger Games" star is an ambassador for the Australian Childhood Foundation, along with his big bro. Their parents worked with the organization to support children going through trauma, and now Liam and Chris are using their celebrity status to give the campaign an extra boost of star power. 

"If you want to be a good person who adds to society, you have responsibility. That is something I take very seriously," Liam explained. 

Clearly, selflessness and humility run in the Hemsworth family. 


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The 43rd International Emmy Awards (Wed, 25 Nov 2015 19:42:44 GMT)


International Emmy Founders Award Julian Fellowes and presenters Elizabeth McGovern and Gareth Naeme

On Monday night November 23, The 43rd International Emmy Awards held it's annual celebration of television excellence from programming around the globe. 2 Special Awards and 10 Emmy statues were presented by the International Academy during the evening at the Hilton in New York City.
International Emmy Directorate Award winner Richard Plepler and presenter Michael Douglas and Academy President Bruce L. Paisner

Academy Award & Emmy Award Winner Julian Fellowes, Creator, Writer and Executive Producer of Downton Abbey humbly accepted the International Emmy Founders Award for all writers. Academy Award winning Actor and Producer Michael Douglas presented the International Emmy Directorate Award to Richard Plepler, Chairman & CEO of HBO.
Presenters Michael Urie and Mozhan Mauro with Best Actor winner Maarten Heijmans

The International Emmy Awards Winners were Illustre & Inconnu: Comment Jacques Jaujard a Sauvé le Louvre for Arts Programming, Doce de Mãe for Comedy, Miners Shot Down for Documentary, Engrenages Saison 5 (Spiral Season 5) for Drama Series, Império for Telenovela, 50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy for Non-Scripted Entertainment , Arrepentidos - El Infierno de Montoya for Non-English U.S. Primetime Program and Soldat Blanc for TV Movie/Mini-Series.
Winner for Telenovela Imperio

Celebrity presenters included George Takei, Lea DeLauria, Michael Urie, Elizabeth McGovern,Patina Miller and Tovah Feldshuh."Television is a universal art form that transcends cultures, languages and borders," said International Academy President Bruce L. Paisner. "In light of recent terrible events, the International Academy is particularly proud to congratulate all of the winners- among which 3 from France- for shining a global spotlight on their cultural heritage with the Emmy."
Winner for Best Documentary Miners Shot Down

The New York Sofitel hosted the two day International World Television Festival 2015 that started on Saturday. The festival included panels on comedy, telenovelas, documentary, non-scripted entertainment and drama. The screening lounge showed all the nominated programs bookended by a festival brunch and cocktail party. Last was a screenplay reading of The Peter Ustinov Television Scriptwriting award winner Gabriel Bergmoser's "Windmills: Leo".
Baseem Youseef

The charming and witty host Baseem Youseef philosophically sees the big picture of the evening, "I am a Arab Muslim hosting the show and me being here is part of healing. When we get together and laugh they lose. Don't let these people make us lose faith in each other. We are here to celebrate art and creativity and the capacity for human beings to aspire to what is beautiful and amazing."

All photos Matt McDermott/Polaris
Courtesy of International Emmy Awards

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Don't Buy Your Rich Friends A Tablet For Christmas (Wed, 25 Nov 2015 19:36:17 GMT)

Tablets like the iPad and Amazon Fire might seem like the perfect holiday gifts, but think twice: New research suggests your friends have one already, especially if they're wealthy.

The Pew Research Center on Wednesday released an analysis revealing that 60 percent of Americans who make $75,000 or more own a smartphone, computer and tablet. Overall, one in three Americans own all these devices.

You probably could've guessed that yourself, but the news arrives at an interesting moment for consumers: Tech companies are doing their best to offer new takes on the tablet in order to win your attention and cash.

While Pew's research indicates that many Americans are likely to own all three types of devices, companies like Apple, Samsung and Microsoft are trying to sandwich those categories together. Apple's new iPad Pro is marketed as a productivity beast that could replace your laptop, Samsung's gigantic Galaxy View tablet could be your next TV and Microsoft's Surface Book lets you rip the display right off the keyboard for a touch-screen experience.

If you're trying to chill in bed with some Netflix, you could probably hold your iPhone 6S Plus a little closer to your face and survive without an iPad.

Why the focus on tablets? Well, tablets have a less obvious purpose than phones or computers. If you're a smartphone user, you probably can't imagine life without your handset. At the same time, computers are productivity machines that speak for themselves. As smartphone screens get bigger, tablets become less relevant because they're really just giant phones. If you're trying to chill in bed with some Netflix, you could probably hold your iPhone 6S Plus a little closer to your face and survive without an iPad.

Pew's new report indicates that of people who own just one device, only 7 percent make that device a tablet.

Indeed, an annual financial report published by Apple in September shows that net sales of the iPad have declined since 2013, first with a 5 percent drop in 2014 followed by a 23 percent drop this year. Meanwhile, iPhone sales are ballooning.

You could think of this as a moment of transition for the technology you see on store shelves: A substantial portion of American consumers already own the devices they need, and companies are trying to make the tablet relevant with quirky new devices that turn them into something else entirely.

Of course, traditional tablets are sticking around for now. But for a sense of how they're valued, consider this: Amazon offers a Fire tablet that's cheaper than a new video game. Traditional tablets are officially in stocking-stuffer territory. And like most stocking-stuffers, they're probably bound to gather dust.

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John Stamos Sentenced To 3 Years Probation In DUI Case (Wed, 25 Nov 2015 19:22:33 GMT)

LOS ANGELES (AP) — John Stamos was sentenced to three years of probation Tuesday after he pleaded no contest to driving under the influence of a drug earlier this year.

Superior Court Commissioner Jane Godfrey also ordered Stamos to attend 52 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and a counseling session as part of his sentence in the misdemeanor case.

Blair Berk, an attorney for the "Full House" star, entered the plea Tuesday on Stamos' behalf. Berk and Stamos' publicist Matt Polk declined comment after the hearing.

The 52-year-old actor was briefly hospitalized in June after Beverly Hills, California, after police arrested him on suspicion of driving under the influence. Police have not identified the substance they suspect Stamos had taken, and it was not addressed in court.

The actor currently appears on the Fox sitcom "Grandfathered," and he is working on a reboot of "Full House" for Netflix.

If Stamos successfully completes the sentence, the case can be dismissed and expunged, Berk said.

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These Two People Could Not Be More Unimpressed By Tom Hanks Rapping (Wed, 25 Nov 2015 19:15:58 GMT)

A white-haired Tom Hanks appeared on "The Graham Norton Show" last week alongside Scottish actor-director Peter Capaldi and English actor-comedian David Walliams.

Perhaps due to some ill effects of the hair dye, Hanks -- sans encouragement -- reenacted the rap he and Dan Aykroyd had invented in 1987 to promote the pair's buddy-cop flick "Dragnet." 

Throughout the performance, which elicited supportive cheers from the audience, co-guests Capaldi and Walliams were unmoved.

Capaldi seemed particularly skeptical of Hanks' spontaneous recital.

Seriously unimpressed.

Upon Hanks' finale, the pair managed a polite applause.


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Lady Gaga Is Rocking In Red With A Thigh High Slit (Wed, 25 Nov 2015 19:12:21 GMT)

Lady Gaga is looking bloody brilliant these days.

The Countess (as she's called on "American Horror Story: Hotel and in her Instagram bio), was spotted Wednesday on her last day in London wearing a statement coat by Scottish designer Christopher Kane. She paired stockings, black platform pumps and little else to top off the look.

Gaga was in London for the British Fashion Awards, which she attended to accept the Red Carpet Designer Award on behalf of Tom Ford (and she wore a dress designed by him, natch). She also was on hand to support her friend, fashion photographer Nick Knight, who was presented with the Isabella Blow Award for Creativity. 

Red was Gaga's color of choice for the trip. Her Tom Ford number made way for a long-sleeve gown that she wore at the afterparty. She also wore a top in the same color while she was out and about in London.

Perhaps this new preference has something to do with the gory nature of her current television role. Or maybe she just likes the color. Either way, she looks pretty rad in red.

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