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The first time I opened Fotor, I was immediately impressed. First of all, it’s fast. I’m used to photo editing sites lagging, but Fotor was very quick. I didn’t have to wait at all! Right away, the site uploaded my photo and I was editing within seconds. Fotor has a wide range of well-organized tools on the sidebar, the first ones being the “Basic Edits” tools. Although they’re called that, the tools are far from basic. They are actually more involved than most photo editing sites, offering shadow/highlight options and curves in addition to the more standard tools (cropping, contrast, etc). These kinds of tools are normally only offered in programs like Photoshop, so I was excited to see what the rest of the options were. I wasn’t disappointed! Fotor offers a huge range of photo effects to choose from. The effects seemed to fit my photos perfectly without being too dramatic. They could actually made my photo look vintage, not faux-vintage. I was able to manipulate the strength of the effect, too, to make it more or less subtle. With so many options, it was difficult to choose which effects to use! Finally I decided on tilt-shift and tiling, both complex effects one would not expect to find in an online photo editor.

Free Web Proxy

In addition to an array of great effects, Fotor also has a huge selection of frames and creative Clip Art. I experimented with the HDR option which allows you to combine several pictures of similar styles into a creative mash-up. The collage option is also useful for combining photos- up to twelve can be put together in varying arrangements. There are also many different templates for cards, ranging from Father’s Day cards to Christmas cards. And when you’re done, you can decide the size and quality of your photo and save it, all for free and without making an account on the site!

There is also a Fotor phone app that’s available for Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, and. Like the website, the app offers an impressive amount of options! It offers many of the tools the website does and it works very fast! I never have a problem with lagging or battery drain. The tool I use the most is the 1-Tap Enhance tool. Just one tap turns my photos from blah to eye-catching! People have asked me how I take such good photos on a cell phone camera. Well, it’s not me, it’s Fotor! This has become one of the essential apps on my phone that I can’t do without.

Hats off to the creators of Fotor who made such a powerful and fast tool with tons of options! I give both the website and the app five stars!

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