Taylor Swift was bullied when she was in high school

By mylene|November 19, 2008|celebrity|5 comments

Taylor Swift picture
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift was not a popular girl in high school. She was outcast from the society and constantly bullied.

She say this in the December issue of Women’s Health “[Growing up on a Christmas tree farm] was basically a shunning – and that’s never a good thing, you know”.

“A lot of girls thought I was weird. Actually, the word they liked to use was annoying. I’d sit at their lunch table and they’d move to a different one.”

It is hard to believe that people want to bully pretty girl like Taylor. Sometimes people can be so mean.


5 thoughts on “Taylor Swift was bullied when she was in high school

  1. nyssa

    Taylor is amazing! It is a pity that people were mean to her.I dont think if someone bullyed me, I wouldnt be able to deal as good as her. She sees girls who bullyed her, and they go to concerts, and she is perfecly nice to them. That girl has patience!!!


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