Rupert Grint caught swine flu!

By mylene|July 5, 2009|celebrity|3 comments

Rupert Grint picture
Rupert Grint

Swine flu is going around the world and many people get infected everyday. Even Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint has contracted the swine flu but he is recovering now and is expected to be able to attend the London premiere of the new Potter installment on Tuesday according to his publicist.

I wonder when this flu is going to stop. It is such a tragic that this year that the economy is already so bad and plus this flu? What happen to the world right now? Let us pray to God that this nightmare will be over.

Rupert’s publicist said in a statement Saturday “It has just been confirmed that Rupert Grint has taken a few days out of filming due to a mild bout of swine flu.”

“He has now recovered and is looking forward to joining his fellow cast members at the junket and premieres this week and will then return to filming directly afterwards,” she reports, adding that filming was able to continue as scheduled in Grint’s absence.


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