Miley Cyrus is worth millions!

Miley Cyrus picture
Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is only 15 years old but she is already earning millions of dollars! This is was claimed by Parade magazine’s annual “What People Earn” issue.

Below are the rest of the list of celebrities that are earning millions:
• Katherine Heigl: $11 million
• Jessica Alba: $9 million
• Dr. Phil McGraw: $90 million
• Steven Spielberg: $110 million
• Ryan Seacrest: $12 million
• Mariska Hargitay: $7 million
• Trouble (Leona Helmsley’s dog): $12 million
• Tiger Woods: $115 million
• Jeff Foxworthy: $10 million
• Oprah Winfrey: $260 million
• Mary-Kate Olsen: $17 million
• Gisele Bundchen: $33 million
• Scarlett Johansson: $5 million
• Eli Manning: $11.5 million
• 50 Cent: $33 million
• Carrie Underwood: $7 million


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