Are Rihanna and Chris Brown dating?

By mylene|February 24, 2008|celebrity|32 comments

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There are rumors circulating ,saying that Rihanna and Chris Brown are dating. Is this true? They have often spotted together and both of them were spotted in Barbados and also Rihanna’s surprise 20th birthday party at Les Deux.

Well, they wont admit it and insist they are just friends. Guess that we just have to wait and see whether it is true or not.


32 thoughts on “Are Rihanna and Chris Brown dating?

  1. sarah

    I’m not hatten or nothing but those two really do not make a good couple. It is ok if they go out with each other but they’re not will and jada LOL!they are to busy with their careers to be stuck up in a relationship.

  2. Kirsten

    I think that They look so cute together and they can be the next Jay-Z n Byonce. They sre so cute together and the ladies jus hatin on Rihanna cuz she got Chris brown n they don’t I say haters FALL BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. mrs.brown

    child i hpe that dey are not dating bcuz she is ugly and ha songs ain’t good and if they are ……if dey are dating i wll no longer b a fan of chris brown

  4. chelsea

    I think they are sweet together, and that they are great together.
    I think that it is stupid the way that they all pick on rihanna just cause that she is dating chris brown, stop being jelous and saying that you hate her and shes ugly, when actualy everyone knows she is very pretty, very nice and does good music,, so she deserves him as much as he deserves her.

  5. babii-diamondz

    I think that rihanna and chris brown are a very bad couple. That bitch rihanna took my man she is a fuckin piece of shit that nobody even likes, but i bet you they are not going to last just it 4 months at least and they will be over i can’t fucking wait. I ain’t gonna lie she is very pretty and he is so hot but she doesn’t desevre someone as good as him.

  6. Mary

    I think they are dating but in recent news she was caught kissing Kanye West at a T.I concert on October 3. That was in every magazine. I heard their realtionship are on the rocks cuz of her cheating and to mush media attetion that i read on a website. I think they are in process of breaking up but not there yet. I love rihanna but she shouldnt have cheated with Kanye west chris brown desevrves better. And Chris way hotter. They say rihanna is wild and chris is to innocent for her and that chris has much more feelings for her then she do towards him.

  7. lala

    haha!!Obviously, rihanna is not tht pretty, ok??come on…!she shud thnks 2 all d make up invented..seriously, she’s only look tht fab when she’s in her mke up & great outfit..without this, i cant even imagine how ugly she’ll look like..wakaka!!!

    not on tht, diz desparado shud not be compared wif beyonce..they r way 2 DIFFERENT.!!

    & new rumours of chris abusing rihanna???COME ON..!!they will neva make a great couple..i’m not jealous of her..yet, i like most of her entertaining songs..

    Rihanna is cheating?? SERVE HER RIGHT =)

    this gal really need a rehab, eh??

  8. James

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  9. Jackie

    Rihanna is the hottest singer i know and she has those heart shaped lips that is very unique. Her vocal performance is excellent but her choide of boyfriend is kind of stupid.

  10. Leif Vignaux

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