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Dermatix Ultra Advanced Scar

By mylene|February 8, 2016|Celebrity|0 comments

I had a caesarean when I delivered my baby and I didn't like the scar. I have use different kind of brands but so far, none is effective. So, I try Dermatix Ultra Advanced Scar. And to my amaze, it slowly reduce my scar. But don't expect miracles in just few applies. Takes time to make the whole scar disappear. Good thing about this gel is that it is not sticky like other scar gel.

Ear termometer

By mylene|February 7, 2016|Celebrity|0 comments

I was using termometer that need to be put under armpit to check my baby's temperature and this is quite a difficult task. This is because my baby always struggle when I try to put the termometer there. Worst of all, it took a long time to give the result. After that, I bought an ear termometer and scans my baby's temperature very fast.

Baby Bites biscuit

By mylene|February 6, 2016|Celebrity|0 comments

My baby likes to bite something to eat especially when see me and my husband eating something. I give her Baby Bites biscuit. It comes with different flavour like carrot,banana,original. It contains no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors and best of all, it is individually wrapped. I gave her to eat even when she hasn't any tooth yet last time. It is good to train her to bite from small. It is advisable to monitor when she is eating the biscuit.

BabyOrganix Bottom Soothing Cream

By mylene|February 5, 2016|Celebrity|0 comments

My baby like to scratch everywhere, especially her bottom. I prefer to apply cream that is not made of toxic ingredients because I scare she will touch the cream and later suck her finger. babybottom BabyOrganix Bottom Soothing Cream is good because it is made of natural ingredients and suitable for my baby, who has sensitive skin. Not only it make the skin less itchy, it is also smoothen the skin.

Rob Kardashian claims he is sober

By mylene|February 4, 2016|Celebrity|0 comments

Rob Kardashian's new girlfriend Chyna was arrested on Friday at the Austin International Airport for having drugs in her sunglasses case and this makes his family concerned whether he will back to drugs or not. Rob Kardashian insists that he is clean and sober and works out everyday. Source