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Upload your photos to Fotor

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The first time I opened Fotor, I was immediately impressed. First of all, it’s fast. I’m used to photo editing sites lagging, but Fotor was very quick. I didn’t have to wait at all! Right away, the site uploaded my photo and I was editing within seconds. Fotor has a wide range of well-organized tools on the sidebar, the first ones being the “Basic Edits” tools. Although they’re called that, the tools are far from basic. They are actually more involved than most photo editing sites, offering shadow/highlight options and curves in addition to the more standard tools (cropping, contrast, etc). These kinds of tools are normally only offered in programs like Photoshop, so I was excited to see what the rest of the options were. I wasn’t disappointed! Fotor offers a huge range of photo effects to choose from. The effects seemed to fit my photos perfectly without being too dramatic. They could actually made my photo look vintage, not faux-vintage. I was able to manipulate the strength of the effect, too, to make it more or less subtle. With so many options, it was difficult to choose which effects to use! Finally I decided on tilt-shift and tiling, both complex effects one would not expect to find in an online photo editor.

Free Web Proxy

In addition to an array of great effects, Fotor also has a huge selection of frames and creative Clip Art. I experimented with the HDR option which allows you to combine several pictures of similar styles into a creative mash-up. The collage option is also useful for combining photos- up to twelve can be put together in varying arrangements. There are also many different templates for cards, ranging from Father’s Day cards to Christmas cards. And when you’re done, you can decide the size and quality of your photo and save it, all for free and without making an account on the site!

There is also a Fotor phone app that’s available for Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, and. Like the website, the app offers an impressive amount of options! It offers many of the tools the website does and it works very fast! I never have a problem with lagging or battery drain. The tool I use the most is the 1-Tap Enhance tool. Just one tap turns my photos from blah to eye-catching! People have asked me how I take such good photos on a cell phone camera. Well, it’s not me, it’s Fotor! This has become one of the essential apps on my phone that I can’t do without.

Hats off to the creators of Fotor who made such a powerful and fast tool with tons of options! I give both the website and the app five stars!

Do you have tough time writting essays?

Writing essays are so difficult sometimes, especially when you are not familiar with that topic or does not have any clue about it. Some even end up asking their friends or parents to do essays for them or even pay money for it. I remember I had a tough time when I was studying. Sometimes it took me hours to write an essay. And end of the day, I didn’t get any good marks for it after having a tough time writing it.

Last week, one of my cousin’s kid asked me to help on her essays. I didn’t want to help her at first since I had tough time myself lasttime but because she asked for my help, I couldn’t reject her.

As I was searching some information on the net, I found this website Study Mode pertains 1,000,000 model essays . This is good. At least my cousin’s kid can find some ideas to write her essays from this website. They have many topics here and it is easy to find the topics you want.

I saw one essay in Study Mode which might help her. At least can give some points of what to write.

I wish there is such reference during my time. I have to go to the library or buy books for reference. Books are so expensive back then. Sometimes library don’t even have the latest edition. Nowadays with the usage of internet, you can find any information you want and it is free too. Nowadays kids are so lucky.

Do you like sports betting?

Some people like to go for fishing, skiing, cycling when they are free. But what if you don’t like to go out and go for these outdoor activities? For some people, they like to watch sports at home. And to add some fun to it or earn some extra money, some of them go for sports betting. You can bet anytime in your comfort home by going to this website, And for those who always need to travel, you can bet using your laptop when you are in the bus or train.

You don’t need to queue up to buy tickets to watch the sports and have the headache to get groups of friends to do the betting. Sometimes watching these sports at the stadium, it is so hot there and you will be sweating away or worst caught in the rain when it is raining. It is nice to have sports betting at home, so that you can even make your own drink or eating popcorn.

Eventhough celebrities are so rich, they also go for sports betting and they bet huge amount of money, up to millions. Singer and rapper 50 Cent bet on Giants. I think it is not about money but the fun of it. Winning money is part of excitement and fun for some people.

I know some people have luck when it comes to betting. They will keep on winning money so easily. I wish myself have such luck. Maybe I should buy some good fengsui or lucky charm to win some money.

Casino online

Thinking about heading down to the casino to try your luck? You’re not alone in seeking the thrill and excitement of possibly walking away much richer than you were when you arrived. Us everyday folks aren’t the only ones who partake…many famous celebrities enjoy casino games as much as you or I, and can be found at casinos in Vegas and all over the world. Take Ben Affleck, who is known as a fixture on the gambling circuit. One time during a drunken trip to Las Vegas, he made the bold decision to wager $60,000 a hand on blackjack. While this could have ended in disaster, he ended up walking away with $80,000 in his pocket! Jennifer Tilley is another one who can often be seen competing in celebrity poker tournaments. She keeps up with the best of them, and as of last summer had won nearly $600,000 competing in these.

There are some less fortunate players like Charlie Sheen, although this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise seeing as he likes to do everything to excess. He enjoys betting on everything from speaking events to horse races to casino games, and has lost thousands if not millions of dollars over the years. Sheen has also had the tables turned on him before, when people started taking bets on what he would be arrested for next!

Of course we have this thing called the Internet, so it is not necessary to go to a brick-and-mortar casino to get ones gambling fix. You can wager on sports and enjoy roulette, blackjack, and many other games from the comfort of your own home. Katie Price, British glamour model and media personality, is a big fan of online bingo. And former WWF superstar and Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura loves placing online bets on sporting events. So, If you’re a gambling fan and haven’t tried this yet, what are you waiting for? Head on over to and check it out. You can either download their software or play in your browser, which makes it simple and convenient for all.

Online shopping for fixtures and displays

Nowadays both couples are working. And on weekends, they just want
to rest at home. For couples with kids, they are so busy taking care of their kids. Hence, they don’t have time to go to the mall to buy things.

Alternative, they can buy things online and the things will be delivered to them. Best of all, save your time and the hassle of going through the traffic jam and parking.

Fixtures and ( is an online store that sells Retail Supplies that can be used at home such as hangers, shelves, dustbins, clothing racks.

I like the way they display their supplies on the website. It is easy to browse and click. And some of the supplies, they pertains different color for you to choose.

For clothing racks, they have varities of racks such as 2-way racks, 4-way racks. double bar racks, round racks.

Even people that is in clothing business, can buy mannequins from here. They have mannequins in varies sizes and shapes such as Abstract Mannequins, Plus-Size Mannequins, Child Mannequins,Sport Mannequins.

Payment can be made in visa card, mastercard, American Express card.

Upon order, the goods will be delivered within 1 business day. If you are not satisfied the goods, you can call or email to have your money back.

Buy tickets online

It is a hassle when you want to see your favourite singer in live concert but you need to bear with the long queue to buy the tickets.

Well, you can purchase the tickets online. No fuss. You can get concert tickets at this website, and they offer lower prices compare to other website.

Come and visit the website now. No more long queue to buy tickets.