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Averine Age Defense Foundation SPF18

By mylene|August 3, 2015|Beauty|0 comments

I love this foundation Averine Age Defense Foundation SPF18. Unlike other foundation, this foundation does not make my skin dry. It contains SPF18 to protect your skin from the sun and it is water resistant. More important it is long wearing.

Shower cream Antabax

By mylene|May 17, 2015|BeautyBeauty,General|0 comments

I was using different brands before I gave birth because I didn't have allergic problems. After I gave birth, my skin become sensitive and my skin tend to be itchy sometimes even after I bath. Then I realize the cause could be the shower cream that I am using. Then I found this shower cream Antabax. It pertains antibacterial products and dermatologically tested which makes suitable for my sensitive skin. This shower cream comes with different type but so far, I have only tried Gentle Care which has nice smell. Some antibacterial shower cream has medicine smell but not this one.

Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser

By mylene|April 28, 2015|Beauty|0 comments

After I gave birth to my baby, my face become red, dry and sensitive. This cleanser was recommended by my beautician and I find it suitable for my face. I tried to use other cleanser, my face become worst and very red. So far, only this suits me. If you have sensitive skin like me, you can try this. It will leave my skin cool and calm. Disadvantage is that it is quite pricey but you can use it for a long time since it comes with a big bottle. RM200+ for 500ml.

K-PALETTE 1-Day Magic Secret Liner

By mylene|March 19, 2015|BeautyBeauty,Fashion|0 comments

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I bought this liquid eyeliner online at RM51.90. I got to know this product when I was searching a liquid eyeliner that don't make my eyelids's skin peeling and swollen. There are pros and cons about this product. Pros 1. Waterproof I won't look like panda bear by end of the day. 2. Can be removed easily I can use water to remove the eyeliner 3. Contains essence ingredient such as Sodium Hyaluronate, Soluble Collagen, Swertia Japonica Extract Because of this ingredients, my eyelids won't get dried and swollen Cons 1. Difficult to apply I normally apply eye cream before I put my eyeliner to avoid being dry. After I put my eye cream, it is difficult to apply this eyeliner. I have to press really hard to enable it to stick on my eyelid. I won't be using this anymore because I need to take a lot of time to apply it.

Loreal Mythic Oil for dry hair

By mylene|March 2, 2013|Beauty|0 comments

I bought Loreal Mythic Oil and satisfied with it. After I have finished using it, I went to buy two more bottles. Normal price is MYR75 but I bought for MYR60. It contains 125 ml of oil. I permed my hair few months ago and after I washed my hair, I will apply this oil on my hair. It makes my hair less frizzy and keeps my hair moisture. Sometimes I don't even have to apply any styling cream to make my curls nicer. This oil will do. Not recommended for oily hair. But works well with normal and dry hair. And there is no sticky feeling.

Maybelline Makeup Remover For Eye

By mylene|September 21, 2012|Beauty|0 comments

I love Maybelline eye makeup remover. It is suitable for sensitive eyes like me. It will not hurt my eyes. Other products may harm your eyes and make your eyes red. And it is not expensive. It only costs RM16.90 (Malaysia Ringgit) for 70 ml. And it can remove my water resistant eye liner on my eyes easily.