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Where to go for prenatal checkup?

By mylene|August 27, 2015|Baby|0 comments

Do you prefer to go private or govenment hospital for the checkup? If you cannot afford to go for private, is better to go for government hospital but disadvantage is that you need to go on working days for the checkup. After you have give birth, you also need to go on weekdays for your baby immunisations and it is free. When I was pregnant, I went to private hospital and good thing is they open on saturday half day. But it is advisable to go both private and govenment hospitals. I had premature baby and it costs a fortune when she was in the hospital for one month. If I want to have another baby nexttime, I would go both side, private and government incase of any emergency like early labour. If your baby endup in the private hospital for one month, bring your own things such as tissue box, pampers,cotton roll for the baby instead of using hospital because they will charge more for the baby items compare to what you buy in hypermarket. You can buy Huggies because their size are smaller compare to other brands and buy Simalac milk because they have milk for premature babies, called Neosure unless you have breast milk for them. Give them breast milk if you have, instead of cow's milk. It is good to strengthen their immune system. For teats, you can buy latex teats from NUK. They are soft enough for premature babies. They don't have strength to suck silicone teats.

Chris Martin is dating Annabelle Wallis

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After Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence have split, Chris has found new love. He is dating Annabelle Wallis. Both of them were spotted having dinner at Lucali in Brooklyn. One source said, “He has moved on quickly and has been seeing Annabelle Wallis for about a month. He visited her while she was filming in Vancouver and really likes her.” Source

The Biggest Loser host Alison Sweeney is leaving

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The Biggest Loser host Alison Sweeney is leaving. Producers confirm this news to Us Weekly. She has been a host for eight years. The show said in a statement to Us on Tuesday, "After an incredible run together, Alison Sweeney will not be returning as host of The Biggest Loser next season". Source

Celine Dion’s husband’s final wish is die in her arms

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Celine Dion's husband's final wish is die in her arms. He is currently battling throat cancer. Recalling their conversation, she said: "I'll say, 'You're scared? I understand. Talk to me about it.' 'And René says to me, ''I want to die in your arms.'' OK, fine, I'll be there, you'll die in my arms.' Source

Ed Sheeran will have a break in music to do charity work

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Ed Sheeran will have a break in music to do charity work at the Sue Ryder shop in his home town of Framlingham, Suffolk. He plans to turn an old police station into a youth club for local residents. Manager of Sue Ryder Jacqui Bell told the Sunday Mirror newspaper, 'There's a good possibility he will volunteer here. We'd welcome him'. 'My volunteers, who are aged between 61 and 91, know Ed because he was brought up in the town. They would be fine working with him'. 'He purchased the old police station to open up a youth club for £1million, so he'll also be helping there when its up and running. I think he will draw the youngsters into our shop which would be good for us.' Source